Shibito (詩人) is a character from the anime and manga of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. He resides in Cyber City. He is also known as Bad Bard in the English anime dub, and Poet in the English manga.

Background Edit

Bad Bard


Shibito is a boy with red hair, wearing a jacket, and jeans. He has an undershirt that has many different words written on it. He is one of the six Electric Brain Warriors and the Guardian of the "Writer Prison Execution Stand" (Library Hair Hunt Stadium in the anime dub).

Powers Edit

Shibito is the master "Gothic Shinken" (ゴシック真拳 Fist of Gothic), an ability that allows him to create words out of nothing and use them to create attacks based on what they say. He can manipulate words to allow him to release an object that is symbolized from the world (such as creating a spear from the word "spear") and even create illusions so that everyone merely sees words instead of their friends and enemies.

History Edit

Shibito is first seen witnessing Bo-bobo and the others defeat Sonic from a floating television screen, and is disappointed when Bo-bobo and Softon are taken by Kuruman. When Torpedo Girl sees his screen, she takes it as a sign of offense (his television screen looks like a pair of pants with the zipper open) and drags Beauty, Tokoro Tennosuke, and Don Patch with her to challenge him. Shibito has no difficulty at all with Tennosuke or Don Patch, but Torpedo Girl counters everything he does and deals him some damage. In an effort to make the battle less difficult, he erases the memories of everyone there (except Beauty and himself). Once he sees that no one else is a threat he is free to attack Beauty... except Don Patch blocks it and says that memory destruction will not work on him, as he is an idiot! Then, Don Patch injects one of his spikes into Shibito's body. Don Patch tells him that the fluid injected into his body will cause him to think exactly like himself. All of Shibito's attacks become completely useless, and his memory destruction wears off on Tennosuke and Torpedo Girl. After one final attack from Tennosuke, Shibito is defeated.

Shibito appears again in the New Emperor Playoffs. He is the only other confirmed Electric Brain Warrior to participate besides J. Shibito teams up with Giga, Halekulani, Haou, and Lambada in an attempt to get revenge on Bo-bobo's team, but the rebels escape them.


  • Super Fist of Name Made Manifest (名称世現映)/Reality Names Attack: Names appear and cause anything it says to come to life.
  • Six Word Ropes (六語縄)/Change Word Rope: Shibito summons words to become ropes to trap the opponent.
  • Evil Cage (囲監閉獄)/Fence in and Lock Up: Shibito summons a cage to trap the opponent.
  • Impregnable Shield (無双盾)/Unlabeled Shields: Shibito summons words to shield himself.
  • Word View Phantasm (幻想文字視界)/Illusionary Characters: Shibito makes everything the opponent sees becomes words.
  • Word Mirror (似語鏡)/Similar-Looking Word Mirror: Shibito turns everything in characters, so his opponents cannot tell which characters are their allies and which characters are mirror images.
  • Lightning Attack: Shibito summons lightning to blast the opponent.
  • Angry Dragon Storm (竜怒嵐凱)/Enraged Dragon Storming Triumph: Shibito summons many words to blasts the enemy.
  • Circle of Memory Destruction (記憶破壊陣)/Memory Destruction Formation: Shibito erases any near by opponent's memory.
  • Word Tranformation (文字化)/Super Fist of Chinese Characters: Shibito turns the opponent into a Chinese character.
  • Intense Lightning Attack (雷激撃)/Violent Thunder Attack: Meant to be a powered-up version of Lightning Attack but summoned Kappa instead of a thunder storm because he had the thoughts of Don Patch.
  • Ultra Angry Dragon Storm (超竜怒嵐凱)/Enraged Dragon Storming Triumph From The Sky: Shibito summons Japanese characters from the ground. Powered-up version of Angry Dragon Storm.
  • Ultra Huge Word Dragon (超巨大字龍)/Huge Dragon Character: Shibito summons a giant Japanese character.
  • Better Letters:
  • Character Change (キャラクターチェンジー): Shibito and Lambada combine their Shinken to transform all the opponents and themselves into one of them.
  • Six Word Spears (六語槍):


  • Episode appearances: 46-47, 70, 73
  • Manga appearances: 113-115, 162, 168

Other Status Edit

  • Seiyuu: Hiro Shimono
  • Voice Actor: Richard Cansino

Trivia Edit

  • His name is an alternate reading of the word "shijin", the Japanese word for poet.
  • In the Polish version of the anime, he speaks with "skate slang".

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