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Heppokomaru: Wait a minute! Leave Beauty out of this!
Narrator: When we last left our hair love story, Captain Battleship's minion was saying "Hello, Dolly" to Beauty. Or was that Salvadore. Beauty was stuffed worse than a turkey at Thanksgiving!
Gunkan: You will both come to my Ring of Pomade, unless you want to see your friend end up in a kiddie hamburger meal.
Narrator: That threatening tone, courtesy of Captain Battleship. Bo-bobo knew they were up against that acapella group from the 60s, the Battleship Five Quartet. Our heroes were so sad about Beauty, they drowned their sorrows in dairy products.
Bo-bobo: (dressed up as Beauty) I'll have a banana split!
Narrator: So, when Bo-bobo saw Jelly Jiggler on sale...
Bo-bobo: I wanna buy that Jelly Jiggler.
Narrator: He added Softon for flavor, and formed a quirky quartet of his own to rescue Beauty.

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