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Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo says, "I WANT INFO!"

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Episode ScriptEdit


(The episode's recap begins with everyone except, Bo-Bobo, is hanging on bungee cords)
Bo-Bobo: Hey, Welcome back to Boing For Dollars! Time for our fast finger final round! The rules are simple, our contestants hang from bungee cords and have to buzz in when they know the right answer, But if the answer's wrong, they fall into a bottomless pit, where the'll never see daylight or have enough toilet paper again! What do ya say we get started, OK, Go!
Narrator: In our last episode: Which Character was kidnapped?
Don Patch: Julia Caesar! (Falls into the pit)
Narrator: Wrong! It was Gasser! Next: Where was Gasser being held?

Main EpisodeEdit