This sucide crop is used by Bi-bibi-bibibib-bi he use them to attack Bo-bobo and they were completey defeated by Bobo's super fist of the nose hair Pinapple chop attack. Only after Don Patch transformed into Perfessional Patch .after being inraged by Beuty's death, and hit them with his Don Patch sword.

General Pope

An old zombie pop form the 12th centuray he is a master in the Super fist of Reglion, but is also a master Wiggin. He startes off by wiggin out Jelly Jiggler. Tricking him on to his side and then fusing with him into Popejiggler a mass blue jelly like figure, to destory Beuty with his super fist of Mashrooms. He then use his mahrooms for all mathrooms attack to hit Bobo but Bobo use Don Patch as a sheild. This final straw for Don Patch before he becomes Pefessional Patch and destories him with a hit form his Don Patch sword. After Popejiggler his hit he instanly defuses, and then Jelly Jiggler attacks General Pope with his lucky Hanky. Right after words Bobo decides to attack and use his Super fist of the Nose Hair Pinapple chop to finally defeat General Pope with Pope defeated Beuty was revied. Right afterwards General Pope's men the 12 preist of Hair attack Bobo and Don Patch, but they were easily defeated by Bobo's nose hair alley attack. Although one of the 12 preist was able to escape and take Beuty with him telling him to come to the Hairkingdom if he wanted her back!

this is 100% fake