Blood Mansion

(邪血館, Jaketsukan): Evil Blood Mansion (or the Evil House of Blood in the English dub) is a mansion that acts as the Maruhage Empire's trap. Hatenko lures Bo-bobo and the others there, saying that it is the location of a reception party in honor of Tsuru Tsurulina IV's recent wedding. In truth, it is the base for some of the Maruhage Empire's strongest assassins and one of their top scientists. The mansion itself is a death trap, loaded with traps and evil henchmen in almost every room. It has gained the reputation of being so dangerous, that not even a mouse can escape alive.


MAX Kyokawa

MAX Kyokawa

(MAX 清川, MAX Kyokawa): The "evil doctor" of the Hair Hunters, this giant lizard man captures Bo-bobo within a strange bio-liquid (Don Patch and Kappa make the bio-liquid into soup!) and brainwashes him into fight against his friends. It seems to be a success, as Bo-bobo goes as far as to attack Beauty, and Don Patch is forced to fight against him! However, at one point, Bo-bobo reveals that he was just kidding (according to Heppokomaru, it is impossible to control Bo-bobo), and Kyokawa is put on trial for the deaths of Guri and Gura!

  • Attacks:
    • Mosquito's Science (科学のカだ, Kagaku no Kada):
  • Anime appearances: 23
  • Manga appearances:
  • Seiyu: Tomohisa Aso
  • Voice Actor: Joe Ochman


Killalino & Takashi

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Guri and Gura

Grin & Bareit

Guri (グリ) & Gura (グラ)/Grin and Bareit: Two living cell phones who are Tsuru Tsurulina IV's strongest assassins and who pursue Bo-bobo to "Evil Blood Mansion"...but both aren't as strong as they look: Gura gets broken at arrival and Guri explodes trying to save him!

  • Anime appearances: 23
  • Manga appearances:


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