Bo-bobo World (ボーボボワールド, Bo-bobo Wārudo), also known as Nosehair Space (鼻毛空間, Hanage Kūkan), is a location in the manga and anime series, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. It is a dimension that Bo-bobo created, which he can summon through the technique, "Holy Nosehair Domain".


Bo-bobo World

Bo-bobo World

Upon first glance, Bo-bobo World appears to be just a small clearing in the center of a forest, but it is here that Bo-bobo is completely in control of almost everything around him. According to Bo-bobo, those who enter this dimension can release their soul, allowing them to use the power deep within their soul. However, if they don't release their soul, their minds will break and apparently die as a result.[1]

This technique is used to baffle his opponents into submission to leave them open for attacks. A few of Bo-bobo's allies, such as Don Patch, Tokoro Tennosuke, King Nosehair, Dengakuman, and Hanpen, can also participate in the nonsense that goes on in Bo-bobo World. The dimension will fade away when Bo-bobo believes that his opponent has had enough.

During the battle with Torpedo Girl, it's also revealed that those who enter Bo-bobo receive a baptism of nosehairs known as the Bo-bobo Mark (Bo-bobo Hickey in the English dub), which is a caricature of Bo-bobo's face. Those who bear this mark remain in a permanent state of soul release.[2]


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