Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Seriously!!? True Fist Match (ボボボーボ・ボーボボ マジで!!?真拳勝負, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Majide!!? Shinken Shoubu) is a video game for the Game Boy Advance, based on the manga and anime series Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. It is the second Game Boy Advance game in the series.

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Majide!!? Shinken Shoubu
Bobobo GBA 2
Developer: Hudson Soft
Publisher: Hudson Soft
Release Date: August 7, 2003 (JP)
Genre: RPG
Game modes: Single player
Ratings: ESRB:
Platform: GameBoy Advance
Media: Cartridge
ISBN: 4-08-779255-2


The story is mostly a retelling of the manga up to the battle with Halekulani, but with many characters and elements taken from previous chapters. The game also introduces a new boss not seen in the manga: Earth.


Unlike the previous Bo-bobo GBA game, this game is much more open to player choice and replayability. In Hallelujah Land (where the game takes place), the player has to face each attraction the evil amusement park has to offer. These dungeon-like areas are filled with enemies to fight and cards to collect and use in battle. Some attractions contain one or more mini-bosses, but all end with the player fighting the boss of that area. Once all minor attractions are visited and defeated, three main attractions become accessible: Spaceship, OVER’s Castle, an Money Castle. The player can freely visit each of these areas, but can only choose one to defeat the boss of. After defeating the chosen boss, the player then faces the Final Boss and completes the game.

This is where the game's replayability comes into play. The player is given the choice to start over there game, and when they do, they keep all their cards and experience from the previous play through. They can then receive new cards as they progress through the game and choose a different main attraction to defeat before fighting the Final Boss again. There are also many changes with each play through, such as different NPCs appearing in some locations as well as new cards and areas being being unlocked.

Cards Edit

Main Article: List of cards in Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Seriously!!? True Fist Match

Cards are a new addition of this game's battle system. They are found inside the various attractions as the player progresses through the game, either as items found in the over world, or as rewards for beating a boss. They are basically special moves, and some cards can be used together to create a combo effect. They also take the place of items in this game and can do everything from issuing status buffs like upping attack or defense, restoring HP, doing absolutely nothing... and so on. They also have a random aspect to them, with some cards having a chance of doing something different to what they did the last time they were used.

Battle Edit

The battle system in this game is mostly the standard RPG system, but with some differences. There are two status bars and the icon of the players selected character at the top of the screen. The green bar represents HP and the yellow bar represents points for special moves (in this case, cards). The battle menu at the bottom of the screen presents five options: Attack, S.D.C. (Defend), Card Select, Flee, and a Combo Selection option that allows you to view the cards equipped to each character while in battle.

The attack phase in this game is one of its more unique aspects. After the player finishes deciding what actions their characters should preform, the attack phase initiates with characters automatically moving around in real time to attack each other. When characters run into one another, they will bound off each other, and this changes the order in which certain attacks land and can even cancel attacks entirely if the opponent is defeat before they can act.

Ally Edit

The ally system is greatly expanded upon in comparison to Bo-bobo Secret Technique 87.5's ally system. The player can now choose any three characters out of the six present to play as, and can control what each character does in battle. While the game can be completed using any three characters, some attractions can only be entered by specific characters (such as Bobsleigh Mountain only being accessible to Softon if he is not accompanied by another other characters).

Mame Edit

The mame (マメ)/ beans system from Bo-bobo Secret Technique 87.5 returns and functions in the exact same way. However, in this game they are only really used as EXP, as there are no item shops.

Mini-Games Edit

There are three mini-games that can be found in the game:

There is an option on the main menu that allows you to replay mini-games you have already played.


Playable CharactersEdit

Name Title Hit Points Power Defense Speed Attribute Technique
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Hanage Shinken Follower
25 25 25 25 Boke Hanage Shinken Reel
Don Patch The Legendary Hajikelist
28 26 20 26 Boke Don Patch Drop
Beauty Dazzling Heroine
33 22 17 28 Tsukkomi Gamba Rhythm
Heppokomaru Boy Longing For Strength
28 22 17 33 Tsukkomi Onara Strike
Softon Will of the Babylon God
28 28 24 20 Nori Babylon Roulette
Tokoro Tennosuke Sold For 10 Yen
30 20 26 26 Nori Purupuru Slot




  • This game was released about 3 months before the anime began in Japan.
  • This game uses some of the same sprite assets as Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Secret Technique 87.5 Explosive Fist of the Nosehair.
  • Although the game is based around the Hallelujah Land arc, there are many call-backs to previous events and characters.

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