Anime Sound Collection
CD Single
Title: Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Music Album
Composer: Koichiro Kameyama
Release: March 23, 2005
Catalog Number: COCX-33147

Song Tracks

  • Aban (アバン)
  • WILD CHALLENGER (Opening Theme)
  • His Name is Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (男の名はボボボーボ・ボーボボ)
  • Terrifying Margarita Empire (恐怖のマルガリータ帝国)
  • Twinkling Dream Amusement Park (キラキラ夢の遊園地)
  • Love's Sadness (恋の悲しみ)
  • I'll Show You Guts! (ド根性見せてやる!)
  • Holy Mass Music (神聖ミサ曲)
  • Come Together, Hajikelists (つどえ、ハジケリストたち)
  • Beauty's Theme (ビュティのテーマ)
  • The Legendary Hajikelist: Don Patch (伝説のハジケ人・首領パッチ)
  • The World's Ultimate Crisis (地球最大の危機!)
  • Bo-bobo Gekijou (ボーボボ劇場)
  • Mysterious (ミステリアス)
  • Decide to be Cool! Heppokomaru (クールに決めるぜ!ヘッポコ丸)
  • Eyecatch (アイキャッチ)
  • An Ordinary Life (平凡な日常)
  • A Man's Grief!? Tokoro Tennosuke (男の哀愁!?ところ天の助)
  • Coming of the Hair Hunters (毛狩り隊まいる)
  • A Maiden-chick's Pure Heart, Uhuh☆ (乙女チック純情、うふ☆)
  • Flooding with Kindness (やさしさにあふれて)
  • User of Babylon Shinken: Softon (バビロン真拳の使い手・ソフトン)
  • The Evil Hand Draws Near!! Serious and Dangerous! (迫る魔の手!!マジ、ヤバイって!)
  • Magical Girl Denbo-chan's Theme (Insert Song) (マジカル☆ガール田ボちゃんのテーマ)
  • Sweet Temptation (甘い誘惑)
  • Kanto Lady's Gang Alliance: Boboko and Patchimi (関東スケバン連合・ボボ子とパチ美)
  • An Adult's Scent (大人の香り)
  • Beautiful Japanese Me (美しい日本のわたし)
  • Enter the Cool! Hatenko (イケメン登場!破天荒)
  • Nostalgic Song (望郷のうた)
  • Hanage Shinken's Final Ougi! (鼻毛真拳最終奥義!)
  • Let's Hajike!! (ハジケようぜ!!)
  • Janken Fortune! Announcement (ジャンケン占いだよ!~予告編~)
  • Shiawase (Ending Theme) (幸せ)

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