"The name is Bobopatchiggler, I may only remain in this fragile human form for 1 minute."
Enter BoboPatchiggler! Is That How It's Spelled?

Bobopatchnosuke (ボボパッチの助): A fusion between Bo-bobo, Don Patch, and Tokoro Tennosuke, also called Bobopatchiggler (in the U.S. anime) and Bobo-rocks-jiggler (in the Viz manga).




Debut (Manga): Chapter 83
Debut (Anime): Episode 32
Appears in: Anime and Manga
Seiyū (Japanese):
Voice actor:

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Species: Human
Classification: Fusion
Characters Required: Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
Don Patch
Tokoro Tennosuke
Fusion Length: 1 minute
Gender: Male
Blood type: APR
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color:
Fist Skill:


Means of Fusion

Bobopatchnosuke is unique among the fusion characters in Bo-bobo, being the only one that is made up of three sentient beings (Kintenbo can be counted as a three man fusion as well, but to be accurate, he is made of Halekulani's money, not Halekulani himself). Originally, he was created during a fight against the Three Civilizations in OVER's Castle. Bo-bobo had just eaten Don Patch, preparing to turn into Bobopatch, but while Bo-bobo was going through his 'powering up' sequence, Tennosuke snuck into Bo-bobo's mouth, altering the fusion into something that hadn't been seen before.


Bobopatchnosuke has mid-length purple hair standing upright, and pale skin. He wears a long cape with immense shoulder guards, with golden body armor and gloves. His voice will also change pitch as he speaks in the anime. Despite being made up of three complete and total idiots, Bobopatchnosuke is completely serious. However, some of his actions appear a bit more ridiculous than a powerful, serious warrior should hold, such as the usage of strange gestures and battle tactics against opponents as well as riding a small pink bicycle during his most ultimate attack.

This unique fusion returned in the tail-end of the fight with Lambada, the former leader of B-Block. While inside of a video game, the Hajike trio fused, and defeated Lambada with Matsuge Shinken Next (Fist of Eyelashes Next), which is essentially the same as Matsuge Shinken. In this case, the fusion only lasted a few seconds, which was all the time he needed to defeat Lambada in episode 64. He does not appear after this point, seeing as he becomes Shinsetsu Bobopatchnosuke, who is a different fusion.

Bobopatchnosuke states that he can only last for one minute, similar to most of Bo-bobo's other fusions, but his time may be unlimited in Majide Time.



  • Tanaka Sword (田中ソード; Happy Man Merciless Sword): Although it appears like a regular sword at first, it has the appearance of a human head at its edge. BoboPatchnosuke uses the Flash Tanaka Slash (一閃田中斬り; Brand of the Happy Man) to smash the sword right into opponents and give them the imprint of this figure.
  • Majide Time (M・T): BoboPatchnosuke's most powerful and infamous attack, it transforms its entire surroundings into Majide Space, a space-like dimension completely controlled by the fused warrior. In it, the rules of Majide apply, where the strange becomes common and grows more powerful with each exclamation of Majide!? (dub: Are you serious!?) by those trapped within, and yet they are always compelled to say it. All matters of time and space have no meaning in this world, only Majide.'
    Matsuge Shinken
    • MAJIDE (Majide Metamorphosis): An advanced ability done within Majide Time, BoboPatchnosuke inserts Majide inside every piece of his opponents, forcing them to reveal their most bizarre (and possibly true) serious secrets.
  • Matsuge Shinken (マツ毛真拳; Super Fist of the Eyelash): Unlike Bo-
  • bobo or any of his other fusions, BoboPatchnosuke's ultimate technique involves the manipulation of his eyelashes, such as in the case of Matsuge Shinken Forever (マツ毛真拳フォーエバー), where he lashes at his opponents with them while riding away on a bicycle
  • Matsuge Shinken Next (マツ毛真拳ネクスト): Although claiming to be Matsuge Shinken, this is a combination attack of the Tanaka Sword and Majide, used against Lambada after a special BoboPatchnosuke fusion through a video game (In th anime it was "Matsuge Shinken Forever").


  • Anime Appearances: 32, 64
  • Manga Appearances: 83


  • BoboPatchnosuke makes an appearance in the video game, "Jump Ultimate Stars" as one of Bo-bobo's special attacks (in this version, his hair is red, and his armor is black and silver). He attacks the enemy with Matuge Shinken, while riding straight up the screen on his bicycle.
  • In the original Japanese version, Bobopatchnosuke has a deep, calm voice. In the dub, his voice changes from Bo-bobo's to Don Patch's to Tokoro Tennosuke's.

Shinsetsu Bobopatchnosuke

Shinsetsu BoboPatchiNosuke

Shinsetsu Bobopatchnosuke (真説ボボパッチの助) is the evolved version of Bobopatchnosuke. Though he generally looks the same as the last BoboPatchnosuke, his personality has changed from being extremely high strung to being quite mature and aware of his power. He is used in the battle against the three Evil Hajikelists (Hīragi, Black Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, and Jatī).

During the fight, the rebels take a heavy beating from weird attacks and Bo-bobo is seized by his evil clone and is forced into an evil fusion. However, with the assistance of Ikarin Patch, the original Bo-bobo finally breaks free of the Gemini Bo-bobo combination, and then takes his revenge by combining with his own Hajikelist allies to bring back the powerful Bobopatchnosuke.


  • Majide Metamorphosis: Like the original "MAJIDE" attack, it forces the power of "Majide" into the opponent's body. However, Shinsetsu Bobopatchnosuke merely needs to unleash it through his three headed spring sword to infect them, without a need of touching them or "Majide Time".
  • A Typical Scooter Accident: Using the power of his legendary scooter "Bukkomi no Suguru", Shinsetsu Bobopatchnosuke rides on it until he smashes it into the opponent, crushing them while getting thrown off himself. This Hajike attack was considered too powerful even for Hīragi.
  • Super Fist of the Eyelash: The fusion stretches out his eyelashes and whips his opponents with them.


  • Manga appearance: Shinsetsu chapter 68


  • Shinsetsu Bobopatchnosuke came in 17th place in the last popularity poll.