Carman (クルマン, Kuruman) is a character in the anime and manga of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. He resides in Cyber City. He is called Otto in the English anime.




Carman is a man with a blue car for a head, and wears black and yellow striped pants. He enjoys writing haiku, and his biggest pride is his car-shaped head (which, due to its size, hinders him in battle).

Carman is one of the 6 Electric Brain Warriors and the guardian of the "Hell Training Institute" ("Driving School Stadium" in the dub), where he controls a large force of possessed cars, traffic signs, and zombies, all of whom handle most of the fighting for him. Despite all of these weapons, he is not much of a threat.


After the fall of Sonic, the rebels are split up, With Softon, Dengakuman and Bo-bobo winding up in Carman's Driving institute. During his fight, he proves to be an ineffective opponent, as Softon and Bo-bobo spend most of their time smacking him around (even Dengakuman joins in by getting inside of his head and peeing on the seat right when his head turned into a Ferrari)! The rebels find that his weakness is his obsession with preventing his car face from being damaged, which is how Bo-bobo and Softon damage him the most (at one point, his head is so smashed up that it becomes an airplane)! As the fight carries on, it becomes more and more obvious that he is the weakest of the Electric Brain Warriors. Carman is about to give up, until Giga watches the fight on a giant television screen. With his boss watching, Carman becomes anxious to succeed in his fight, but winds up getting his face smashed into the screen by Bo-bobo.

Carman appears in Shinsetsu Bo-bobo during the Cyber City raid. He, Despair-Kun, and Super Rabbit participate in a bizarre talk show when the IXEX arrives.


  • Episode appearances: 46-48
  • Manga appearances: 113-115, Shinsetsu 40

Other Status

  • Seiyuu: Kazunari Kojima
  • Voice Actor: Dan Lorge