This is a list of the characters of the manga/anime series Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, who live inside Bo-bobo.


Recurring Inhabitants

Small Father

Old Man

Old Man (小オヤジ, Shō Oyaji; an informal word for father) is a small character living inside of Bo-bobo's nose. He lives with his wife, and his main job is closing up Bo-bobo's nostrils at some point of the day. He also closes Bo-bobo nostrils during any underwater situations. In Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo 9 Kiwame Senshi Gyagu Yuugou, he runs the shops that are located throughout the game, where you can by items and cards.

  • Appearances
    • Manga appearances: 1,
    • Anime appearances: 1, 5, 10, 14, 54

Small Housewife


(小主婦, Shō Shufu): A small woman who lives inside of Bo-bobo's nose. She is married to the old man, and has a tendency to use Bo-bobo's nosehairs as a clothesline.

  • Appearances:
    • Manga Appearances: 1
    • Anime Appearances: 1, 10


Booger Brigade

The Boogers (鼻くそ; Hanakuso) are small round, gray boogers living inside of Bo-bobo's nose. They act as both inhabitants and occasional foot soldiers. Not much is known about them, but they apparently worship King Nosehair.

  • Appearances
    • Manga Appearances: 1
    • Anime Appearances: 1, 4, 21, 29, 41

Captain Booger

Captain Booger (鼻くそ隊長; Hanakuso Taicho) is the leader of Bo-bobo's booger brigade. He attempted to invade Hagen's nostril, but was easily flicked off, and presumably killed.

  • Appearances
    • Manga Appearances: 1
    • Anime Appearances: 1

Risuo and Risumi

Bill Sally

Risuo (リス夫) and Risumi (リス美) known as Bill and Sally respectively in the English dub, are two love-troubled squirrels that live inside of Bo-bobo's afro. Their names are puns on Risu (リス, the Japanese word for "squirrel"). Almost every time they appear, they are doomed to almost break-up and then get back together. Three months later, Risumi left Risuo for another squirrel named Risujirou, who lives inside Gunkan's ducktail. In Shinsetsu Bo-bobo, the two can be seen inside Bo-bobo's afro while Bo-bobo uses "True Theory Fist of Nosehair" to defeat Strawberry Pudding. Apparently the two are still together and are seen with a baby squirrel during Strawberry Pudding's defeat.

  • Appearances
    • Manga Appearances: 1, 4
    • Anime Appearances: 1-2, 7 (Risuo), 10, 17, 33

King Nosehair

Main Article: King Nosehair



A small pilot who drives Bo-bobo like some sort of giant robot. However, he is young and inexperienced, and must occasionally read a manual on how to pilot Bo-bobo.

  • Appearances
    • Manga Appearances: 4,
    • Anime Appearances: 2, 8, 20



A high ranking officer, presumably residing somewhere within Bo-bobo. He is the boss of the pilot. It is revealed that he has no knowledge of Babylon Shinken when the pilot asks him for information.

  • Appearances
    • Manga Appearances: 4,
    • Anime Appearances: 2, 8

Booger Boss

(ハナクソ長): An elderly booger who awakens King Nosehair from his sleep.

Other Inhabitants

The Dog Party

Dog Party

A small political party consisting of three dogs with their own opinion on how Japan should be run. However, they are a small party, and aren't very successful with voters as their running candidate, Pochi gets zero votes.

  • Anime appearances: Episode 2 (Uncut Episode)
  • Manga appearances: Chapter 3

The Squash Rock Band

Sukasshu Sukasshu Singer

(スカッシュ, Sukasshu): A small boy-band that once performed a concert inside of Bo-bobo's afro. The lead vocalist of their band is Kazutaka (カズタカ). In their only appearance, they gave their final concert. Bo-bobo himself was their producer. Kazutaka appears again during the battle with Torpedo Girl. He ultimately blows their cover when they try to keep quiet so they wouldn't get attacked.

  • Anime appearances: Episode 3, 34 (Kazutaka)
  • Manga appearances: Chapter 3

Hotshot Producer

(敏腕プロデューサー): A producer who is a miniature version of Bo-bobo in a white suit. While Squash play their final song, he walks down Bo-bobo's fro to look for a new act, while heading to a nearby convenience store.

Takashi's Father

Lucky's Father

A middle-aged duck with male pattern baldness and glasses. He is married to a pair of panties named Kaori, and is the father of the half-duck, half-underwear hair hunter, Takashi. He pops out of Bo-bobo's afro only once in order to explain his son's origins.

  • Anime appearances: 3
  • Manga appearances: 2



Toothbrush, Toothpaste, & Cup

Toothpaste, Toothbrush & Cup

  • Anime appearances: 7
  • Manga appearances:
  • Voice Actor:

Keinosuke Shikaku

Keinosuke Shikaku

An odd man with a traingular face, who pops out of Bo-bobo's afro during the fight against Softon, only to be harmed by Softon's Babylon Fist.

  • Appearances:
  • Anime appearances: 8
  • Manga appearances: 15



(キリン, Kirin)

*Anime appearances: 9, 73

Friendship Appearance

Friendship Appearance 1Friendship Appearance 2

(友情出演, Yūjō Shutsuen)

  • Anime appearances: 10
  • Manga appearances:
  • Voice Actor:

Earth Defense Force Captain

Earth Defense Force Captain


Pencil Family

Pencils & Eraser Pig

(鉛筆一家, Enpitsu ikka): A family of pencils and an eraser dog that used to live inside a sentient pencil case, but moved into Bo-bobo's more spacious afro.

  • Appearances:
    • Anime appearances: 12
    • Manga appearances: 22

Sakurayama Defense Club

Sakurayama Defense Club


  • Appearances:
    • Anime appearances: 21
    • Manga appearances: 47



(Midge in the dub) A tiny manicurist who helps to defeat Galubel the Fresh-Blooded.

  • Attack:
    • Beautiful Nail Life (ビューティフルネイルライフ)/Glamorous Nail Life-Style:
  • Appearances:
  • Anime appearances: 38
  • Manga appearances: 97



A lion that comes out of Bo-bobo's head and bites Super Rabbit during their battle with Sonic as part of Bo-bobo's attack, "Fist of Survival of the Fittest".

  • Appearances:
    • Manga appearances:
    • Anime appearances: 45

Quartz Accurate

Zita and Bata

Kicking & Screaming

Zita and Bata (called Kicking and Screaming in the dub) are two small characters who appeared on Bo-bobo's chest after his "Zitabata Beam" attack.[1] The two were then blown away by Tsuru Tsurulina III.

  • Appearances:
    • Manga appearances: 159
    • Anime appearances: 69

Mr. Alexander



  • Anime appearances: 76
  • Manga appearances:
  • Voice Actor:


  1. Bo-bobo episode 69

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