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Here's how it works. First off, THIS IS NOT A FORUM SECTION. I cannot stress this enough. A lot of flame/spam wars have broken out in forums, and it pretty much ruins the internet. We will have not of that here on The Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Wiki.

Now as for the Chat Section, you start off by putting your user name under ==Members== like this, ===(Username)===. Then you greet everyone by talking a little bit by yourself, your interests, your goals, your favorite character, your favorite episode/arc, and what you plan to accomplish for the future of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. It is best not to include any personal information. Here is an example:


Kid Sonic

Hello, my name is Kid Sonic. My interest are television, video games, and the internet. However, these things have been ruined (and are still being ruined) by The Media. Which leads to my mentioning of biggest goal of all time: To start my own company, so that I can enough power to reform the media for the sake of peace and creative control. In order to realize this goal, I plan to learn how to start/run a company, then publish my self-help book that I'm working on (along with a series of memoirs) to raise money. Once I've started my company and accomplished enough things, I will ask the president (hopefully Obama will still be in position) permission to be granted the position of President of the Media, where I will have enough power to restore television, movies, and the internet back to the way of the 90's (and more).

As the future of Bo-bobo, once this site has every bit of information we have set out to find, I will try to bring back the anime series (reruns and new episodes all the way to the end of Shinsetsu), along with a spin-off series, and a few movies based on the major characters from the games (Hisae, Nice Guy, Ars, L, etc.). I may also bring the games themselves to the U.S. (in English!) --Kid Sonic 02:48, May 30, 2010 (UTC)

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