Cyber City (サイバー都市, Saiba Toshi) is a location in the anime and manga Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.


Cyber City

Cyber City from a distance

Cyber city

Cyber City

There are rebels, though not as major as Bo-bobo, that provide some menace to the Maruhage government, so when being shaved isn't enough then they are given a life sentence to Cyber City. A hellish, cybernetic prison island made right in the middle of the ocean it is where most of the enemies of Tsuru Tsurulina IV are imprisoned and shaved of their hair; the jail masters even design sporting events to gamble on and set an example to all who challenge the Maruhage Empire of its merciless nature. Even if one tried to escape, it is so far away from shore, that very few animals are able to travel there. This prison metropolis is led by Giga, the second in command of the 4th, and an art master who is accompanied by two beautiful women. It is a stated fact that Giga is just as strong as the current Emperor. The cruel ruler of Cyber City has 6 major guards known as the 6 Cyber Knights who are rumored to be as powerful as the Four Heavenly Kings and one is powerful enough to give unlimited energy to keep the metropolis running.



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The 6 Electric Brain Warriors

(電脳6闘騎士, Dennō Roku Tōkishi) /The Six Cyber Knights: Six powerful warriors who serve Giga, each of whom controls one of the various execution stands in Cyber City. Each of these is televised to the locals to make examples of them to the others.


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Wan Ronga

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Other Members

Wan Ronga's Subordiates

Cyber Soldier

(王・龍牙の部下, Wan Ronga no Buka): Two soldiers of Cyber City that are seen with Wan Ronga when they first spot Heppokomaru and take him to Giga. They have a monitor in which they to keep track of each fist master and hunt for them.

  • Episode Appearances: 43, 45
  • Manga Appearances:
  • Seiyuu:
  • Voice Actor:

Cyber City Escort Troops

Water Guards

(サイバー都市護衛部隊, Saibā Toshi Goei Butai): Two guardians of Cyber City's gate. They are easily defeated by Torpedo Girl.

  • Episode Appearances: 43-44
  • Manga Appearances:
  • Seiyuu:
  • Voice Actors:

Super Rabbit

Super Rabbit

Super Rabbit

(スーパーラビット, Sūpā Rabitto): One of Sonic's subordinates (the other being Despair-kun) on the "Bungee Execution Stand", he is an anthropomorphic pink rabbit with the word "SPEER" written on his belly. Although he has a tired expression, he uses powerful karate moves when his eyes are fully open, even in the midst of a bungee jump. He at first causes trouble for Bo-bobo's group, but Bo-bobo scares him with a lion coming out of his afro. Super Rabbit, alongside his two comrades, are defeated when Tokoro Tennosuke seals the trio away in a bottle.

Both Super Rabbit and Despair-kun are later seen worshiping Softon as he uses his power to keep Cyber City from sinking. They also show up to assist Bo-bobo against the Hair Hunters of the Former Maruhage Empire, but they are rejected by Tennosuke.

During the Fifth Maruhage New Emperor Playoff, Super Rabbit assists Bo-bobo's group against Halekulani, Haoh, Giga, Shibito, and Lambada.

Super Rabbit makes brief appearances throughout Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. His most notable scene is participating in an odd talk show, alongside Despair-kun and Kuruman.

  • Attacks:
    • Maximum Awareness:
    • Super Hop-Hop Bungee Karate/Hot Jump Ultimate Attack: Bungee Karate: Super Rabbit performs a series of karate attacks.
  • Episode Appearances: 45, 52, 72-73
  • Manga Appearances:
  • Seiyuu: Minoru Shiraishi
  • Voice Actor:


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Giga's Girls

Giga Girl 1Giga Girl 2

Two blonde women who are always with Giga, they're basically there to back him up for extra support. During the battle with Giga, Dengakuman temporary sides with them (while dressed in a bikini). Shortly after Giga's defeat, he scolds them for for serving him. Their names are unknown.

  • Episode Appearances: 43, 45, 48-50, 55
  • Manga Appearances:
  • Seiyuu:
  • Voice Actors:


Aerial Hair Hunt Stadium

Sphere Execution Stand

(天空毛狩りスタジアム, Tenkū Kekari Sutājiamu)/Sphere Execution Stand: A large sphere made of intersecting roads, that only high speeds could possibly travel up. Pana guards this area. This area is usually where prisoners of Cyber City are executed. People can also sit in the stands surrounding the arena, and bet on the survival chances of Pana's victims!

Bungee Hair Hunt

Bungee Execution Stand

Numerous bungee cords suspended over a bottomless pit. Another place where prisoners are most likely executed. Sonic, Despair-kun, and Super Rabbit guard this area, and will try to cut their enemies bungee cords! There are stands in the background, hinting that this arena is also a town spectacle!

Writer Prison Hair Hunt Stadium

Arena books

(書獄毛狩りスタジアム, Sho Goku Kekari Sutājiamu)/Library Hair Hunt Stadium: A very spacious room, filled with giant books as far as the eye can see. Shibito guards this area and uses the giant Kanji (Japanese characters) as weapons. It is unknown where this arena is located. The background gives off a dark brown color, hinting that they may be underground or inside of a building.

Hell Training Institute

Hell Training Institute

(地獄の教習所, Jigoku no Kyojūsho): A large area made of roads. This area is guarded by Carman, and he uses the traffic signs and cars as weapons. The corpses of previous victims are used to attack new victims as well. There is also a large television screen in the center so that Giga can check in on him.

Cyber City Core

Cyber city core

(サイバー都市・核, Saiba Toashi Kaku): The center of Giga's tower. It is a mechanical room, with not much decoration other than a large platform in the center, where J maintains the city's power. He also guards this room, and if J leaves, then Cyber City will have a drastic meltdown.

Prison Area

Prison Area

Wan Ronga's area, where he brings new prisoners to the city.

Giga's Lair

The top of Giga's tower. This is where Giga spends most of his time. Here, Giga is kept company by two girls, and keeps an eye on his "art collection". There is not much decoration here other than Giga's chair, his "artwork", and several pillars.