De Mode City

De Mode City

(デモーデ シティ): A city that looks futuristic, it is one of the stops Bo-bobo makes after defeating some minor assassins. However, circumstances force Bo-bobo to leave De Mode City and quickly depart towards C-Block.


Ramen Master

Ramen Master

(ソーメン老師; Soemon Roshi): An elderly Chinese master who teaches Bo-bobo a waterslide technique. In Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo 9 Kiwame Senshi Gyagu Yuugou, there are more Ramen Masters who appear in the training area to the right side of Inafu Village.

Parent and Child Rice Paddles

Wooden Spoons

(しゃもじ親子, Shamoji Oyako):


(コ・ン・二・チ・ハ・ロボ, Ko n ni chi ha robo):

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