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Narrator: Last time, a new Bo-bobo was born!
Bo-bobo WT: I'm from a Parallel Universe. You see, I'm Kinda Like His Alter Ego.
Narrator: Changing parallels made him hungry.
Narrator: Brunette Bo-bobo opened a fishcake restaurant, and his best customer took off mid-bite.
Beauty: Just who was that guy, and does he ever stop eating?
Narrator: To keep his top eater from blowing away, Bo-bobo unites with him, and prepares...
Bo-bobo WT: Fishcake Battle Armor!
Narrator: It's best with wasabi.
Bo-bobo WT: The Super Fist of the Nose Hair: Burning Hand of Fire!
Shou Mei: OHHHH...
(RadioMan is destroyed, as a giant dragon emerges from within)
Beauty and Heppokomaru: BO-BOBO?!
Narrator: Shh. You could hear an egg drop.
Bo-bobo: Try this egg with fishcakes.
Beauty: What does that mean? Tell me, tell me, Gas-can!
(The egg opens to reveal the Deputy Commander of Z-Block)
Kibahage: I'm Deputy Commander of Hair Hunt Troop Z-Block! I'm called Zeb Zeigler.
Heppokomaru: Bad guy omelet?!
Bo-bobo: Fist of Dragon Nose Hair! Sorry, foe, you gots to go!
Narrator: And now, they're about to face Z-Block's mighty leader, more powerful than a 10-ton tank, Dengakuman!

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