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Earth (アース, Āsu) and Kick the MAME Uncle (キック ザ MAMEおじさん, Kikku za MAME Ojisan) are two video game characters who are exclusive to " Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Seriously!!? True Fist Match.




Earth is an astronaut who attacks with the power of "The Legendary Gumball Sphere" an object which grants its user the ability to bore their enemies to death by enrolling them into a seminar on star constellations. Earth is also the master of "Creation Shinken".


  • Universe Ball (ユニバースバール, Yunibāsu Bāru):
  • Earthquake (アースクエイク, Āsukueiku):
  • Sayonara Skull Universe (サヨウナラ ドクロウ ユニバース, Sayounara Dokurou Yunibāsu):

Kick the MAME Uncle

Kick the MAME Old Man


Like OVER, Earth has the ability to transform. His true form is Kick the MAME Uncle, a living bean that attacks his opponents by dressing up their computers as old men with a "Kick Me" sign on their back.


  • Global Energy Wave (全地球エネルギー波, Zen Chikyū Enerugī-ha): Kick the MAME Uncle fires a powerful green blast at the opponent.


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