Galubel the Fresh-Blooded (鮮血のガルベル Senketsu no Garuberu) is a character from the anime and manga of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. He recides in Hallelujah Land. He is called "Garuberu of the Fresh Blood" in the dub manga and "Garbel of Manicura" in the dub anime.


Garbel of Manicuria


A creepy looking man, wearing completely black clothing, Galubel is the first of the Hell Killers and the guardian of the "Gingerbread House". He has the power to lengthen his nails and control their motion and their movements with ease. He meets Bo-bobo and Tokoro Tennosuke after they sense his "presence" in the Gingerbread House (In reality they just wanted to some sweets). He does major damage to Tennosuke right from the start of the fight, but his mistake comes from the fact that one his nails cut Beauty in the arm. An enraged Bo-bobo puts a stop to his vicious nails with the help of "Dog-Face", a manicurist named Yasuko, and finally defeating him using a team-up move with Tennosuke that finally knocks out Galubel.


  • Hunting Claw (獲物を狩りし爪) - Galubel stretches his nails out and tries to cut the enemy to pieces. This attack can also home in on the enemies vital points.
  • Darkness Serpents (暗黒大蛇牙) - Galubel's nails turn into living, sentient snakes.

Other Status

  • Episode appearances: 38
  • Seiyuu: Hiroshi Okamoto
  • Voice Actor: Roger Rose

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