The Hair Hunters (毛狩り隊, Kegari-tai) are a group of characters from the manga and anime series, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. They serve as the foot soldiers of the Maruhage Empire.


Hair Hunter troops make up the majority of the Maruhage Empire. True to their name, Hair Hunters are usually seen raiding towns and shaving off the inhabitants hair, all in the name of the emperor. If not involved with any head shaving, Hair Hunters can also be spotted as guards for bases.

Given the fact that they are just grunts, an individual Hair Hunters is the weakest force in the empire. In terms of power, a common Hair Hunter is more than a match for any helpless citizen, but cannot hope to hold a candle to someone like Bo-bobo.

List of Hair Hunter Variants

Hair Hunter Troopers

Hair Hunter

(毛狩り隊隊員, Kegari-tai Taiin): The Hair Hunters troopers of the fourth era are usually bald, well-built men wearing special armor. While they are trained fighters, fourth era Hair Hunter troopers are also given people skills; while the goal of the Maruhage Empire is world domination, they try to do so not just through raw power, but by other ploys, such as propaganda and sales. To that extent, these hair hunters can also be spotted as staff members for amusement parks and even tour guides for bases.

Hair Hunter Assassination Force

(毛狩り隊暗殺部隊, Kegari-tai Ansatsu Butai):

Hair Hunter Clerks

(毛狩り隊店員, Kegari-tai Ten'in):

Hair Hunter Special Forces

(毛狩り隊特殊隊隊員, Kegari-tai Tokushu-tai Taiin):

Third Era Hair Hunter Troopers

Ancient Hair Hunters

(旧毛狩り隊): Unlike their successors, the Hair Hunter troopers of the third era are much more aggressive and powerful, and have attempted to take over the world the old-fashioned way: brute force (but that's no surprise considering who their leader was). A lot of these Hair Hunters are allowed to keep their hair, as opposed to being bald.

Although a massive platoon of Third Era Hair Hunters were frozen alongside Tsurulina III and the generals, many of them were of no significance to the story. All of the Hair Hunters in this list are notable due to waking prior to the main group of former Hair Hunters, with many of them joining Rose-Lily Kikunojo's initial assault. The exception to that group are the two Associate Hair Hunters, who remained in the chamber when Tsuru Tsurulina IV investigated the return of his predecessors.


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