Hajike (ハジケ): This word is taken from the Japanese verb hajikeru (弾ける), which means "to burst open" or, in more appropriate terms, "to wig out or go crazy". In the world of Bo-bobo, the ability to "hajike" (or in dub terms, Wig Out), is a useful ability used by many of the weird warriors of the world such as Bo-bobo or Don Patch.



(ハジケリスト, Hajikerisuto)/Wiggin' Specialists: Hajikelists are able to fight opponents or each other using random, silly tactics in order to either confuse or out-do their opponents to the point of insanity.

List of known HajikelistsEdit

Hajike FestivalEdit

Hajike Festival


Prukogi is a technique where a Hajikelist puts up their index and pinkie fingers in the air over and over while saying Prukogi (wig out) over and over. It is unknown what this actually does, if anything at all.

Hajike BirdsEdit

Wiggin Bird

(ハジケ鳥; Hajike Tori)/Wiggin' Birds are odd-looking, green birds that can be used to determine how strong ones hajike skills are. The birds will transform into a random object when tossed; the bigger the object, the stronger the hajike. However, if one has no hajike skills whatsoever, the birds will turn into Captain Ishida.

King of HajikelistsEdit

An unseen, yearly contest to see who among the participants is the strongest, most insane of all hajikelists. Only four winners of this contest were ever revealed:

  • Don Patch: Won the contest 50 years in a row.
  • Rice: Won the next contest after Don Patch stopped participating.
  • Bo-bobo: Defeated Rice in a hajike contest, and was declared King of Hajikelists in his place.
  • Hiragi: Won the contest the next year after Rice.

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