Wiggin Block

Hajike Block

Hajike Block (ハジケブロック; called Wiggin Block in the dub): A block formerly closed down by the leader of the Maruhage Empire, it is the legendary block of Hajike warriors. Great Hajikelists, both working for the empire or fighting against it, search for this block both to fight against other Hajikelists as well as gain some assistance from some of the warriors or items that can be found here. The leader of this block was Rokka, but he seems rather ineffective compared to the other Hajikelists of the block. Former assassin Rice lives here after Bo-bobo saves him and even Tennosuke lived here for a short time before joining Bo-bobo's team.





(ロッカー): The leader of Hajike Block, Rokka is already captured by Rice's "Kome Shinken" by the time we see him. After an hour of sitting in a giant rice bowl, he ends up turning into a panda, and is never seen in the series again.

Despite really being turned into a panda, it is revealed that after the hour in the rice is up, one is supposed to put on a panda costume, not really turn into a panda.

  • Episode appearances: 28
  • Manga appearances:
  • Seiyuu: Yugo Takahashi



Harry Hatenko

(広, Hiroshi; Harry Hatenko in the dub): A weird man in huge sunglasses, Hatenko's clothes, and "horn hair" (in the anime, Hiroshi has actual horns), he first appears amidst a flock of Hatenko as he is leaving Bo-bobo's group. After getting into a hajike fight with Don Patch over ice cream, his appearance and defeat leads Bo-bobo to head towards the legendary block of the hajikelists.

  • Episode Appearances: 27
  • Manga Appearances: 228
  • Seiyuu: Masaya Takatsuka
  • Voice Actor: Dan Lorge


Dolphin Trainers

(飼育員, Shiiku-in): A group of four hajikelists who attack Bo-bobo and his friends from above. They capture Bo-bobo and Don Patch (who are dressed as dolphins) and make them perform in a dolphin show. Not too long into the show, the hajike duo trick them into being the dolphins, and wear them out.

  • Attacks:
    • Trainers Attack (飼育員アタック): They attack the enemy with a double knee drop.
  • Episode Appearances: 27


Main Article: N&N

Line-Drawing Guy

Line-Drawing Guy

(ラインひくやつ, Line Hikuyatsu): A line-maker that Bo-bobo and group meet at a dolphin show at the front of the Hajike Block. His best friend is Jump-Box Step 15, the most useless item in the Toyohashi City Elementary Gym Storage Room, who was going to throw away in a week. He wants to swim...but can't.

  • Episode Appearances: 27

Hajike Fortuneteller

(ハジケ占い師, Hajike Uranaishi): A hajikelist who intimidates Beauty by threatening to read her fortune. Once realizing that he can't read Chinese, he eats his fortune book in frustration. After a goat tells him to save some for him, he agrees and waves him goodbye.

  • Episode Appearances: 27

Thread Man & Paper Man

Thread Man & Paper Man

Thread Man (糸マン, Itoman) & Paper Man (紙マン, Kamiman): Two beings, one made of string, one of paper. They were Heppokomaru's "opponents" in Hajike Block...until they were blown away by a wind before they could attack.

  • Episode Appearances: 27

The Teacup


(ザ・湯飲み, Za Yunomi): Guardian of the "Tea Ceremony" room on the first floor of Hajike Block, he ends up getting Beauty, Heppokomaru, and Don Patch involved in a bizarre tea ceremony. In a scene cut from the dub, the Teacup shows a very S&D reaction towards another teacup being used for coffee. He reappears during the New Emperor Playoffs to assist Bo-bobo's group against Halekulani, Haoh, Giga, Shibito, and Lambada. He is also a minor enemy in Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Majide!!? Shinken Shoubu.

  • Episode appearances: 27, 73
  • Manga appearances: 196.5

Captain Ishida

Captain Ishida

(キャプテン石田, Kyaputen Ishida): A space policeman who appears from a Hajike Bird that Heppokomaru uses in the "Hajike Pet Shop" on the second floor of Hajike Block (apparently he appears from any Hajike Bird when the holder does not hold very much Hajike ability). He is defeated by Bo-bobo after it is revealed he was crueling using Tokoro Tennosuke (whom he bought after he returned to the supermarket post-Gunkan) to invade Mars.

  • Attacks:
    • 10,000 Push-ups (腕立て1万回): Combat Blues, Captain Ishida, and T-500 make the opponent do 10,000 push-ups.
  • Episode Appearances: 27
  • Voice Actor: Michael McConnohie




(チューの助, Chūnosuke): A small mouse samurai encountered on the third floor of Hajike Block, Bo-bobo's team must partake in a cat-and-mouse game in order to stop it. His blade is called, Kibakage ("Shadow of the Fang" in the dub).

Chuunosuke lives by three philosophies:

  • Progression along the correct path.
  • See through the good and evil of the world and destroy the world.
  • Not to flush toilets (In the dub, this is changed to, "Never leave the toilet seat up")

He briefly works together with Bo-bobo during the New Emperor Playoffs.

  • Episode Appearances: 28, 73
  • Manga Appearances: 70
  • Voice Actor: Brian Beacock


Main Article: Rice

Other Members/Residents


Lunar Spacecraft


He Became Offensive: Daruma

(不快になるダルマ, Fukai ni Naru Daruma):

Unpleasant Beckoning Cats

(不快な招き猫, Fukaina Manekineko):

Female Pigs


Dolphin Show

Tea-Ceremony Room

Hajike Pet Corner

Locker Room

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