Chapter 3
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第3章: (名前ない)

Chapter Three: (no name)

First Realese
Japan: July 9, 2001
United States:


The chapter starts out with Beauty dragging a giant burger that has Bobobo inside whilecomplaining on how she's so hungry. They then arrive at "Hajike Village " where beauty suggests to go eat, but Bobobo is silent. Bobobo bursts into tears saying that he'll never understand how a hamburger feels. Then a Shrimp Hamburger (renamed Avocado Burger Man) says Bobobo tried his best then Bobobo bursted to tears. Then Boboob killed Shrimp Burger and said he's going to kill everybody.

Then he attacks random people shouting joy while beauty tries to get him to listen to reason. Bobobo and Beauty are then chased only to have a Chinease Chess piece try to stop them, but it fails. Then Beauty is attacked by a man who claims he loves her and begs marriage. Bobobo attacks that man. Bobobo and Beauty are then cornered and Bobobo demands the #1 Partier. Then the Dynamite Brothers show up and declare a match of risks.

Boboob then uses a laptop to buy random portfolio. a Dynamite Brother asks how much he spent Bobobo says 5 hundred million yen (6,550,000,000 dollars). The Dynamtie Brother then lights his candle while trying to be stopped by the ohter brothers. beauty then tells Bobobo that she's worrying about the Dynamite Brohter and that he's going to explode. The Dynamite Brohter Disappered. Then the villagers chase them again only to be interupted by "The Squash Rock Band".

Then they sing a song with the lyrics just saying animals. Then the Producer walks of Stage/Bobobo and walks to a conveinance store. Beauty remembered she was hungry and ran to the store. Then a fat man jumps out the window and asks bauty how he did. Beauty just ingorned him. Then the Hajikegumi appear saying they are going to kill bobobo for causing a disterpance on their turf.

Then they show him Don Patch appears but he is weak. Bobobo comments he's not partying at all. Don Patch then faints and the hijakegumi rushes to his assistance. But Underboss tells Boboob he won't cut their hair today.

Major EventsEdit

  • Don Patch Appears