The Hajikegumi (ハジケ組; literally Hajike Gang) is a fictional gang in the anime and manga of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. They are called the Wiggin Gang in the English dub.


The Hajikegumi is a small, Hajike-dedicated gang led by the infamous hajikelist, Don Patch. Under normal circumstances, the gang spends its time driving others crazy through the practice of Hajike, but ever since the appearance of the Maruhage Empire, they became one of the few groups to openly oppose the evil empire. In particular, they showed great outrage towards H-Block, also known as the "Wig Gang", who antagonized their usual base of Hajike Village. Despite their displeasure, there was little they could do against the base, until they met Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo...


Don Patch

Main Article: Don Patch

The leader of the Hajikegumi, Don Patch left the gang to fight the Maruhage Empire (in reality he wanted to escape from them as he saw them as annoying), and has left the gang in Underboss's care.



Underboss is the second-in-command of the Hajikegumi. In the original Japanese version, he has no name and is simply referred to as Lieutenant (若頭, Wakagashira). Like all of the other members, Underboss idolizes Don Patch completely, and loves to see his boss in hajike battles. Since his boss's leave, Underboss has been watching over the Hajikegumi.

  • Anime appearances: 2, 4
  • Manga appearances:
  • Voice Actor:



A group of KoPatch

The KoPatch (コパッチ, KoPatchi)/(Baby Patch in the English dub) are numerous, small orange creatures that look similar to Don Patch himself. They stand at least a foot shorter than Don Patch, and instead of spikes, sport a small tuft of orange hair on top of their heads. Given their childish voices and natures, it can be assumed that they are the child stage of whatever Don Patch is, and it is possible that he might have once been a KoPatch.

The KoPatch are, needless to say, the majority of the gang, and the exact number of KoPatch within the Hajikegumi remains unkown. Like Underboss, all they really want to see is their boss Wig Out, and have nothing but the utmost respect for Don Patch (even though he really finds them annoying).

The KoPatch seem naturally drawn to their leader whenever he ascends to Ikarin Patch. Whenever this happens, they will rush to the Don's side and try to make him as angry as possible (the angrier Ikarin Patch is, the stronger).

  • Attacks:
    • KoPatch Road/Baby Patch Badmouth Bombardment:
  • Anime appearances: 2, 4, 74
  • Manga appearances:
  • Voice Actors:

Halon Oni

Main Article: Halon Oni

Originally an enemy of the rebels, he had a small revelation after being defeated by Ikarin Patch, and prayed that one day he could be just like him. His wish was instantly granted, and he was turned into a blue KoPatch! He now resides within the Hajikegumi.


Main Article: Hatenko

The only other human member besides Underboss. Being the newest member, he has the lowest stature amongst the gang, even below that of all the KoPatch.

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