Hallelujah Land (ハレルヤランド Hareruya Rando) is an area of the anime and manga of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. It is owned by Halekulani, and is claimed to be "the world's best themepark".

Holy Guacamole Land

Hallelujah Land


Hallelujah Land (also called Holy Guacamole Land in the English anime) is one of the Maruhage Empire's most powerful bases. Like many of these fortresses, it is also an amusement park, but in this case, Hallelujah Land is most popular and profitable amusement park in the empire, and for that matter, the world! Connected through the empire's transportation network, Halekulani, the owner and boss of the park, allows for easy access and availability for all who wish to entertain themselves. But there's a cost for all who go there: every single attraction comes with a fee, forcing everyone to add to Halekulani's already tremendous wealth. And at the very moment the attraction no longer makes profits, the mad leader cuts his losses by blowing it up (even if people are still inside)! On another note, Hallelujah Land also uses harsh slave labor in order to construct new rides!

Later after Halekulani's defeat, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Don Patch, and Tokoro Tennosuke decide to rebuild and called it Jiggly Land, we they use rubber gloves for landscaping and charge tourists with jars of jelly for admission. 30 minutes later, Bo-bobo states that no tourists showed up, and since they couldn't pay their taxes with jars of jelly, they had to close the park down. This was merely a Wiggin' joke that was probably forgotten about since they were working on the park the same time as their ally Heppokomaru got captured by Wan Ronga and taken to Cyber City. However, we do see later that Halekulani returns to his park and retains control even after his own defeat.



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Hell Killers

Hell Killers

Just like Gunkan and OVER before him, the Hell Killers (ヘルキラーズ Heru Kirāz) are officially the main underlings of Halekulani: three killer assassins working within the confines of Hallelujah Land sent down to take out any intruders to the park, such as Bo-bobo.

Galubel the Fresh-Blooded

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Three Prison-Murderer Brothers

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Other Members/Residents



A bunch of small aliens based off of the stereotypical Grey Alien design. They originally resided in Space World, but their attraction (and UFO) was destroyed by Bo-bobo.

Uncle Goldfish

Old Goldfish Man

(金魚おじさん, Kingyo Ojisan): A man whose head is reminiscent to a goldfish. He is in charge of the "Old Goldfish Man Show", which consists of him (unsuccessfully) trying to do tricks with a glass blind. Needless to say, his show had little reception from guests, so Halekulani had the attraction blown up. Somehow, Goldfish man survived, without any wounds, and continued to perform.


Spandex Rangers

(ダサイジャー, Dasaijā): A stage-show superhero team, who are obviously based off of the Power Rangers. The team consists of three members: Dasaija Red, Dasaija Pink, and Dasaija Blue. They first appear on stage, introducing themselves, but are suddenly confronted by their enemy: Evil Hands. As part of the show, Evil Hands "kidnaps" a volunteer from the audience (Don Patch), while the Dasaija demand he fights them on even terms. After Don Patch self-destruct, both the Dasaija and Evil Hands check to see if he's okay, only for him too suddenly hijack the show with his "Moo-Moo Milk Sales Event" act. Dancing cows then appear on stage and attack the Dasaija.

Evil Hands

Spandex Rangers Villain

(悪の手先, Aku no Tesaki ): A stage show villain wearing a pharaoh hat. As apart of the attraction, he is supposed to pick a child from the audience to take "hostage", but he winds up picking Don Patch, who shortly takes over the show.

  • Attacks:
    • Rocket Crow (ロケットクロウ Roketto Kurou):


Space World

Space World

(Spacey World in the dub) The attraction consists of several Dengakuman-sized aliens and their spaceship. However, the attraction is also on the path of the train line heading into Hallelujah Land and nearly gets destroyed during Bo-bobo's team fight against Kanemaru!

Old Goldfish Man Show

Old Goldfish Man Show

A short lived attraction. It is a show involving a man with a head in the shape of a goldfish. He is holding a glass blind for no apparent reason. It was destroyed soon after Bobobo entered it, due to lack of ratings. Though the building was destroyed, Goldfish-man survived without a scratch and continued to preform. Dengakuman continued to watch the show claiming it was "just like broadway."

Children's Playground

Children's Playground

(Be-a-Kid World in the dub) An area in which one literally becomes a kid again. It is one of the most popular attractions as claimed by Suzu. It is guarded by Nightmare.

Gingerbread House

Ginger Bread House

Literally, a giant house made of gingerbread. This is the battlefield where Bo-bobo, Beauty, Tokoro Tennosuke, Suzu, and Dengakuman face Galubel the Fresh-Blooded.

Hero Show: Fashion Sentai Dasaija

Spandex Rangers Show

A live-action show starring a Power Rangers-esque superhero team called "Dasaija" (Muscle Marshalls in the dub). This is where Don Patch drags Heppokomaru after knocking him out. In the midst of the production, he hijacks the show and starts a musical number called, "Moo-Moo Milk Sales Event". This leads to an epic battle with T-500, where Don Patch comes out on top.

Climb High Tower

Climb High Tower

(クライムハイタワー Kuraimu Hai Tawā): A large tower near the center of the theme park. It consists of several panels to climb the tower, but each panel contains a different trap! This is the battlefield for the fight between the Hajike Trio and the Three Prison-Murderer Brothers battle, and Bo-bobo unleashes Bo-bobo Roulette to defeat them.

Money Castle

Money Castle

(マネーキャッスル Manē Kyasseru): Halekulani's domain where he keeps a giant money pool, and oversees the progress of his themepark. This is where the battle with Halekulani, and downfall of the themepark takes place.

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