Nosehair Dojo

In order to properly train Heppokomaru, Bo-bobo decides to bring him to Nosehair Dojo (鼻毛道場, Hanage Dojo). Nosehair Dojo is an odd training facility, with a giant nose stationed above the door, and multiple ball-and-chan nosehairs coming out of it's nostrils.




(メダカ): The first opponents within Hanage Dojo are giant Japanese killifish called medaka. The medakas' initially tried to eat the anpan (jelly donuts in the English dub) that Bo-bobo had attached to the group's foreheads, but backed off when one became poisoned by the jam inside of the anpan (as it would turn out, jam is their deadly weakness). Bo-bobo finished off the rest of them by spreading jam on the surviving Medaka.

Plain BreadEdit


(食パン, Shokupan): A living piece of bread that wanted Bo-bobo to spread the jam on him, but Bo-bobo refused (he had already decided to spread butter on the bread).

Old WomanEdit


(オバサン, Obasan): A middle aged woman who is the master of the dojo. She is the second challenge of the dojo, with the power to create 5 shadow clones of herself (and one old man),... but in the end, she and the clones wound up turning into sake bottles. Like Bo-bobo, she too uses Hanage Shinken.

  • Attack:
    • Nosehair Clone (鼻毛分身, Hanage Bunshin):
    • Obasan Tackle (オバサンタックル, Obasan Takkuru):

Old ManEdit

Old Man (Hanage Dojo)

(じいちゃん, Jiichan): An elderly man, who unexpectedly turns up as one of Obasan's shadow clones. After all the other opponents are defeated, he is the last one to be fought. In the midst of a hand-to-hand battle, Bo-bobo and him finish by playing croquet together.