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Hisae (ヒサエ) and Roberto (ロベルト) are two video game characters who are exclusive to "Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Ougi 87.5 Bakuretsu Hanage Shinken".

Hisae Edit



GBA 1 - Hisae

Hisae is a teenage, blue-haired angel. She attacks by using air conditioners to lift up her short skirt revealing a various forms of censorship underneath it. However, alone, this attack would annihilate everything, which is why she needs her squid-like assistant, Roberto.



  • Love Romance Teacher (ラブ ロマンス ティーチャー):

Roberto Edit



GBA 1 - Roberto

Roberto (ロベルト) is a small squid, and Hisae's assistant. He absorbs the various pixels and black bars that Hisae unleashes, channeling them into a sole beam, and blasts them at their opponents!

ヒサエが真の姿に戻ったときがお前の最後だ。イカみたいな外見だからって甘く見てると痛い目見るぜ。 毛狩り隊の忘年会では宴会芸でいつもオレたちを楽しませてくれる


Trivia Edit

  • Hisae is one of three angels in the entire franchise of Bo-bobo. The other two are Shil the Descendant Angel and Angel 777.

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