The IXEX (ナインエキスパート, literally Nine Experts) are the subordinates of the Three Great Kings. They are divided into groups of three, and serve as bodyguards for each of the three kings totalling in the numbers of nine. With the establishment of Tokyo Maruhage's 23 Wards, these bodyguards become guardian warriors protecting their respective king with their own power and abilities.

Blue Elite CorpEdit

The guardians for Babuu, this squadron is made up of Hīragi, Jobus & Porusutoroi. Particularly active after Tsurulina's declaration of war, they were notable for easily crushing Giga and Cyber City with their abilities. Namerō was also placed in this squadron while his empiric powers slowly reawakened. However, after an initial assault on Bo-bobo after Namerō's awakening and Hīragi's promotion, the squadron did not fight Bo-bobo in the 23 Wards.

Black Gambling CorpEdit

The guardians for Shiryūen Kamara, made up of Princess Chinchiro, Usui & GURA-san the Punisher. Particularly notorious for their deadly abilities, this squadron was particularly used for the punishment of empire traitors within the 23 Wards. Bo-bobo's team ends up facing all three members of this squadron, taking apart one after another before fighting Kamara himself.

White Masked Gang of Deadly IllusionsEdit

White Masked Gang of Deadly Illusions

Three white-cloaked warriors under the control of Black Bo-bobo. Although members of the Nine Experts and potential opponents for Bo-bobo's team, the team never faced the rebels and ended up disrobing after Tsurulina III is finally defeated, their true identities never revealed. They appear to have some power though, as they helped defeat and enslave the Reverse Maruhage Empire.

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