Iguana Village

A small rural town, consisting of straw houses that is located in the middle of a forest. All of it's citizens were scalped by Purupu's forces, while searching for a specific person. The Rebels head into this village, after seeing Purupu's forces headed that direction.


Spark Man


Spark Man

Spark Man (スパークマン) is a large, sentient spark plug creature who lives in Iguana Town. He has pupil-less eyes, large eyebrows with a gem and the center of them, and enjoys ending his sentences with the word "Spark" (at least in the Japanese version). He was originally captured by a Maruhage Soldier, who mistook him for the rebel that Purupu had been searching for. Luckily for Spark Man, he looks nothing like the rebel, and Lamune destroys the soldier who captured him (but this causes Spark Man to cry over the misfortune of the soldier who had treated him badly)!

Spark Man's part is almost completely cut out of the English version of the anime.