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Ikarin Patch (怒んパッチ ;Ikarin Patchi), or Super Patch as some fans call it, is a transformed state of Don Patch. He is called Professional Patch in the English dub of the anime.

Ikarin Patch

Don Patch as Ikarin Patch

Ikarin Patch

Perhaps one of the most powerful of Don Patch's many abilities is a transformation where he becomes "Super (Ikarin) Patch", a "seemingly" serious warrior with tremendous power. Don Patch activates this form with anger, particularly from a situation where nearly everything appears hopeless or due to a tragic loss.


Ikarin Patch Mode 2Ikarin Patch Mode 3

When his anger manifests, Don Patch's body turns completely yellow while his eyes become more outlined and serious (compared to the wide eyes of the typical orange-colored creature). His spikes become more smoothe and hair-like. He has two torn-up, black wristbands on his gloves.


On top of improved speed, strength, and reflexes, Ikarin Patch's main attack is generating a pine-cone like structure from his palms, which he uses to painfully jab at his opponents.

Although powerful on his own, Ikarin Patch becomes even more powerful the angrier he becomes, gaining more power and occasionally a change of clothing with each form of his anger. Occasionally the KoPatch of the Hajikegumi assist in increasing his anger, allowing him to step on them and making them call him names to increase his anger power.


  • Bamboo-Shoot Sword (タケノコソード)/Pine Cone Sword:
  • Oyabin Rush (おやびんラッシュ)/Super Angry Patch:

Dodon Patch

A further evolution of this ability is "Dodon Patch" (怒怒んパッチ), which only manifested itself during the battle against Bibibi-bi Bi-bibi. This form is at least three times more powerful than Ikarin Patch, and his appearance changes as well.


Don Patch's eyes once again become serious, and his arm bracelets become unraveled, yet they stay around his arms at all times. Dodon Patch gains even more spikes than usual.


In general, Dodon Patch's abilites are more improved version's of Ikarin Patch's abilities. However, throughout his fight he displays some new abilities, including two shaken up cans of soda, which he wields like Katana blades.


Vs. Halon Oni

Ikarin Patch first appears during the fight against Halon Oni of the Reverse Maruhage Empire, after a powerful attack thrown by the enemy hits ally Hanpen...and turns his face into the shape of a crab. The power and shock of this attack manifests the typically happy-go-lucky warrior into anger, transforming him into this new form. Afterwards, he makes short work out of Halon.

Vs. Hydrate

During the fight against the Reverse Leader Hydrate, Ikarin Patch returns, alongside Super Bo-bobo. With the duo's intense powers, it would seem that the reverse leader has finally met his match. There's just one problem: The two fight over who gets to defeat Hydrate! They settle it by having a bonsai-cutting contest, where Don Patch is the winner. He then deals a crippling blow to Hydrate, but Bo-bobo is the one who beats him!

Vs. Bibibi-bi Bi-bibi

During the fight with Bi-bibi, Don Patch witnesses Bo-bobo killed by his own brother. After everyone else (save Tokoro Tennosuke and himself) have been defeated, Bi-bibi looks behind him to see a calm Don Patch reading Bo-bobo number 3. Suddenly, Don Patch's anger reaches extreme levels at this time, both due to the "death" of his friend Bo-bobo and the final realization that Bo-bobo was the real main character of the whole series, and not him! His power goes well beyond Ikarin Patch, and evolves into Dodon Patch, a new powerful form, strong enough to hold off and do damage to the seemingly unstoppable Bi-bibi until Bo-bobo's subsequent revival from death to defeat his brother. Despite no longer being Bi-bibi's main opponent, he still contributes some damage to the attack!

Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Vs. Maruhage Academy Kings

Ikarin Patch continues to appear even in the second series of the manga. While fighting the Maruhage Academy's Four Heavenly Kings, Don Patch's allies have their Shinken abilities disabled, leaving them useless! The Four continue to cause problems for the rebels (ecspecially after their leader Zuno activates his demon form), until Don Patch finally turns into Ikarin Patch once again... only to be smashed by Zuno! Luckily, Don Patch takes no damage, and after taking out the lesser three Kings, Ikarin Patch single handedly defeats Zuno!

Vs. Evil Hajikelist Trio

During the fight against the new Daioh, Bo-bobo's counterpart, Black Bo-bobo, absorbs him and creates a new fusion called Gemini Bo-bobo! This fusion, rather than help the rebels, harms them repeatedly! Finally having been provoked enough, Ikarin Patch appears once again, and challenges the evil fusion. At first, his attacks have little effect, while he takes a large amount of damage, but Don Patch hits Gemini Bo-bobo in the stomach and separates the evil fusion, which leads to a new Bobopatchnosuke fusion!


  • The Super can also be read as "Ikarin", since the kanji used, 怒 (Ikaru), represents the Japanese word ikari or "angry" (the kanji is read in this form as "do", which followed by the "n" hiragana spells out Don Patch's name).
  • Because he changes into this form at the most desperate of times (and the fact that he turns yellow) points even more toward the fact that Don Patch is spoofed off "Sonic the Hedgehog", because not only does he look like him, but both he and Sonic turn yellow when in their "super forms". In turn, these are a parody/tribute to the "Super Saiyans" of Dragonball Z. Dodon Patch seems to be based off of the all-powerful "Super Saiyan 3".
  • Despite technically being Don Patch (who was voted in 1st place), Ikarin Patch was still voted 7th place in the last popularity contest.

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