Infinite Kicker (無限蹴人, Mugen Shuto ; Infinite Shoot in the dub) is a villain from the manga and anime Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.


Infinite Shoot

Infinte Kicker

As guardian of the 2nd Floor "Jungle Stage" of OVER's Castle, this Ninshū boy appears like a soccer player and ends up challenging Heppokomaru on his level. He has the ability to transform his jungle settings into a chamber of molten lava (even though it takes him 10 minutes to do so) and attacks his opponent with a kusarigama. But while he does carry a soccer ball with him, it is in reality a bento lunchbox! When he fights Heppokomaru, he accidentally removes his neck belt, and gets crushed by the power of the bishonen's "baby form". He also says that he is a master at ping-pong.

Infinite Kicker later makes a cameo during the New Emperor Playoffs, but does not get a noticeable role like the Three Civilizations or Ruby.

Infinite Kicker can be seen in the last chapter of Shinsetsu Bo-bobo, attending Tokoro Tennosuke's Maruhage Empire reunion.


  • Eyes of Fire: Infinite Shoot's eyes summons a huge amount of fire that destroys anything in its wake.


  • Anime appearances: 30-31, 70
  • Manga appearances: 196.5, Shinsetsu 73

Other Status

  • Seiyuu: Miki Fukui
  • Voice Actor: Richard Cansino

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