Episode ScriptEdit


(The episode's recap begins inside a classroom)
Teacher: Let's review. The four major civilizations of the world are... Anyone? (images of the Three Civilizations holding scrolls with their names are seen) The Indus Civilization, the Mesopotamian, the Yellow River. Anyone, Gasser? Beauty? Does anyone know the last one?
(a hand from the back of the room is raised)
Bobopatchnosuke: I know it.
Teacher: Ah, Mr. Bobopa-- Mr. Bo-- Mr. B?
Bobopatchnosuke: Majide Time.
Three Civilizations: ARE YOU SERIOUS?!
Narrator: Bobopatchiggler taught the Four Civilizations the Word of the Day
Bobopatchnosuke: MAJIDE!
Three Civilizations: ARE YOU SERIOUS?!
(Bobopatchnosuke is riding his bike towards his enemies)
Bobopatchnosuke: Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma... HA!
Beauty: Is that how you beat them, huh?
Narrator: After the downfall of the major civilizations, our gang jumped at the chance to help OVER overcome his fear of door-to-door salesmen. Is the villain of the house in?
Bo-bobo: It's all over for you, OVER! (He sees a shaved Gunkan, hung) Captain Battleship! Ahh!
Gunkan: (wearily) Yo...

Main EpisodeEdit

Bo-Bobo: BattleShip! Put your arms down, your pits stink! Tell me, who did this to ya?
Beauty: I'll tell you who: OVER!
Bo-BoBo: Here, let me help you! (struggles to put makeup on Gunkan's face)
(Don Patch slams into Bo-bobo from the left, and joins in applying makeup)
Don Patch: Battleship!
(Tennosuke follows suit, but from the right)
Tokoro Tennosuke: Battleship!
Bo-BoBo, Don Patch, Tokoro Tennosuke: Battleship! (Gunkan has a bad hairstyle with flowers in his newly drawn hair) Battleship!

(The episode title card appears)
Bo-BoBo: Episode 33: "It Ain't OVER 'Til the Fat Lady Sings," And let's hope it's on key!
Beauty, Heppokomaru: (dumbfounded) Uhhhhh...
Tokoro Tennosuke: First Rice, and now Battleship. Who could be next?
Beauty, Heppokomaru: Huh?
(Tennosuke is shown to be reading a script for the episode in a recording booth)
Tokoro Tennosuke: (reading) I will destroy OVER! I want revenge! I want revenge!
Bo-bobo: Easy there, Brando.
Tokoro Tennosuke: Huh?
Bo-bobo: You're overacting, be more natural, less is more.
Tokoro Tennosuke: Yes, of course! (reading) "Now, follow me, and I will lead you to victory!"
Bo-bobo: You were reading my lines! (attacks Tennosuke with his copy of the script)

Don Patch: You are so over, OVER! I am gonna turn you into mincemeat pie.
Tokoro Tennosuke: What he said!
Bo-Bobo: You're afraid of us? is that why your hiding?
OVER: (Licks the scissors) Aw, Shut up, Losers!
Bo-BoBo, Don Patch, Tokoro Tennosuke: Huh?
Beauty: Huh?
Heppokomaru: Who's there?
OVER: Oh we've ment before, what did you say about destroying me? WELL?!