Kanemaru (カネマール) is a character from the anime and manga series Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. He resides in Hallelujah Land.




Kanemaru is a spear-wielding assassin Bo-bobo and Tokoro Tennosuke encounter on the train to Halellujah Land. Called the "Number One Train Fighter"/ "Boxer on the Boxcar", he is able to stand on top of his moving battlefield without falling off. The same can not be said for the duo, as they continually slip off. After many lame attacks, Kanemaru accidentally impales Don Patch, who was sleeping in the car, causing the completion of the Hajikelist Trio.

The fight with the trio seems to be in Kanemaru's favor, as the trio plow right through two tunnels, doing major damage to their scalps (Kanemaru was smart enough to avoid it by ducking), and are pelted by many tree branches. Kanemaru returns to the train right as it approaching Hallelujah Land, but Bo-bobo causes the train cars to seperate. Kanemaru lands on one train car and steers it after the trio's car. After both cars completely decimate, the nearby "Space World" attraction, Bo-bobo decides that he has had enough, and defeats Kanemaru with his "Lightning Nose Hairball" attack (he electrifies Don Patch and uses him as a bomb)! Kanemaru is not sore about losing, and gives Bo-bobo his title and the sash that goes along with it (at first, Bo-bobo is proud of it, but then throws it away after Beauty tells them that she's never heard of such a title).

Later, Kanemaru reports back to his boss, Halekulani, that the rebels have broken into the theme park. Displeased, Halekulani turns the spear warrior into a yen coin for his failure! It can be assumed that Kanemaru turned back into a human after Halekulani was defeated.


  • Elast-A-Spear Stretch/Javelin Pole Vault Attack: Kanemaru extends his spear and attacks the enemy.
  • Power Orb Demonic Ultra Beam Strike


  • Kanemaru's staff is heavily edited in the anime. The scene where he impales Don Patch is replaced with him making numerous holes above Don Patch causing the ceiling to fall on him. The scene where he impales Don Patch and Tennosuke is replaced with him shooting them with his Power Ray attack.
  • It is unknown how Kanemaru managed to avoid the tree branches in the manga. In the anime he literally disappeared, and then reappeared once the onslaught of branches was over.

Other Status

Episode appearances: 36 Seiyuu: Katsuyuki Konishi

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