Killalino and Takashi are two characters of the manga and anime of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.




Killalino in the anime

Killalino (キラリーノ, Kirrarino) is a Hair Hunt assassin, best known for wearing "duck underwear" Takashi. The "Dundee" serves as his partner, though Killalino originally thought that Takashi was an inanimate object.

Killalino is first seen in a small forest waiting for Bo-bobo to come by, so that he can assassinate the afro warrior. Instead, Beauty comes by and sees Takashi's head sticking out. Mistaking him for a real duck, she goes over to get a good look at him, but when she sees Killalino (and the position he is squatting in), she screams and calls him a pervert. Knowing that she is Bo-bobo' traveling companion, Killalino takes her hostage, and threatens to kill her if she does not tell him where Bo-bobo is. Bo-bobo comes to her rescue (while dressed as a school girl), and after a breif introduction on Killalino's part, the two prepare to fight each other.[1] Beauty then tells Bo-bobo not to lose to a guy wearing such stupid underwear, causing Takashi to yell out in anger (this surprises everyone but Bo-bobo).

  • Attacks:
    • Knife Fist (ザ ナイフ拳): Killalino's hands glow with light blue aura and then slashes his opponent with his hands.
    • Toy Chachuche (おもちゃのチャチュチェ): Killalino, Usa-chan, and Puppetman charge and fly into the opponent.
    • Underwear Attack (ぱんつあたっくー!): Killalino, Rice, and Fundoshitaro attack the opponent with their undergarments.




Takashi (タカシ; Lucky in the dub) is one of the non-human characters in the series. He is a pair of "duck underwear"; a pair of underwear with the head of a duck. In the English anime he is referred to as a "dundie". His owner/partner is the assassin named Killalino owns, and is worn like a regular pair of underwear (making a rather disturbing image). He is 26 years old.

In his first appearance, Killalino has already challenged Bo-bobo to a fight. Before it can begin however, Beauty tells Bo-bobo not to lose to a guy with such stupid looking underwear, causing Takashi to yell out in anger surprising everyone (up to this point, Takashi had always assumed he was a regular duck). Bo-bobo then produces the Dundie's father, who is just a regular duck, to tell him what he really is. The father duck tells the story of how 26 years ago, all the female ducks were taken during mating season. It did not matter much to him though, as his sights were set on a pink pair of panties named Kaori (Takashi's mother, Ursula in the dub). The two settled down, and had Takashi. Confused, Takashi asks if he is a pair of underwear, but the father instead tells him that he was just bad joke material.[2] His father tells him follow his own path, and not care what anyone else thinks. Takashi then decides to become Killalino's partner,... and the two are quickly dispatched by Bo-bobo.

Later Appearances

The duo later appear at the Evil Blood Mansion, working as assassins. The duo have not improved much since they last saw Bo-bobo, and they fall for one Killalino's own traps![3] The two can be seen at the end of the Reverse Maruahage Empire Arc relaxing at the beach.

Video Games

Dasshutsu! Hajike Rowaiaru

Killalino Team

In this game, Killalino is the leader of two 3-man teams. The first team consists of him, Usa-chan and Puppetman. After their defeat, Killarino returns to team up with Rice and Fundoshitarou moments later.


  • Anime appearances: 3, 23
  • Manga appearances: 2, 53-54, 196.5

Other Status

  • Seiyuu:
    • Hisao Egawa (Killalino)
    • Kosuke Toriumi (Takashi)
  • Voice Actor: Bob Papenbrook (Killalino)


  • In the manga, Killalino actually wears Takashi as shorts, but in the anime (due to censorship), the underwear is placed on his head.
  • Killalino's method of assassination differs between the anime and the manga. In the manga, he wields a knife, but in the anime, his hands light up and gain the ability to cut through things easily!


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