Kirarincho's Ghost Festa (キラリンチョのおばけフェスタ, Kirarincho no Obake Festa) is a children's book by Yoshio Sawai.

Kirarincho's Ghost Festa
Kirarincho's Ghost Festa

Kirarincho no Obake Festa)

Genre: Shōnen, Surreal Comedy


Author: Yoshio Sawai
Publisher: Shueisha
English Publisher:
Demographic: Children
Magazine: Shuukan Shōnen Jump
English magazine:
Release: July 17, 2009
Pages: 104
ISBN: ISBN 4-08-315013-0


Kirarincho is the prince of the Ghost Kingdom. As a ghost, he's rather good at scaring people silly. However, that's not quite the kind of silly he has in mind...

Instead of scaring people, Kirarincho wants to become a comedian. But unfortunately, his father (The Great King of the Ghost Kingdom) doesn't approve.

The annual Ghost Festa, a festival in which ghost's everywhere celebrate what they do best, is almost here, and with his friends Kido and Pino, Kirarincho is going to make sure this Ghost Festa is like no other before it.

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(キラリンチョ): He really likes to make people laugh. Lively and cheerful, the prince of ghosts is rather different. His full name is Dororo-ru Rushiwate Kirarincho.


(キッド): A famous Spartan teacher of the Ghost World. He always pushes Kirarincho around.


(ピノ): Kirarincho’s childhood friend. She dreams of being Kirarincho’s wife.

The Great KingEdit

(大王様): The Great King of the Ghost Kingdom. He worries about his son Kirarincho, who is unusual for a ghost.


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