Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Secret Technique 87.5 Explosive Fist of the Nosehair


PrukogiPrukogi new

(プルコギ): In this game, you control a blue bear. You go "Kogi" (to the right) with the A button, and you go "Pru" (to the left) with the B button. Watch the sequence the two first bears perform and repeat it when it's your turn. If you fail (as in the anime), you'll try to make up some excuses for it, but Bo-bobo will say not to worry. This game has appeared in all four Gameboy Advance games. In Escape! Hajike Royale, this game is found inside the Lighthouse.

Hell's Gate

Hell's gate

(地獄の門): In this game, you race against Don Patch, while playing as Bo-bobo who rides a vacuum cleaner. Press A to accelerate and R to jump over cars and other obstacles.

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Majide!!? Shinken Shoubu

Ninja Ochoboguchi-kun

Puckered lips game

(忍者おちょぼ口君): In this game, you have to move Ochoboguchi-kun to the center area of the screen and move to get as many fish sausages as you can, while avoiding the black weights, which deduct points from your score at the end of the level. Move by pressing left or right, jump by pressing B and throw shurikens by pressing A. At the end your score will be calculated. The time will end when the flying clock finishes it's trip from the right to the left side of the screen.



In this game you play as Bo-bobo, who has to get to the front train car while avoiding enemies and then enter the bottom to save Dengakuman from Kanemaru. This game is a parody of the Hudson game, "Challenger".

Captain Ishida's Mars de Pon

Captain ishida mars de pon

(キャプテン石田の火星でポン, Kyaputen Ishida no Kasei de Pon): In this Space Invaders-style mini-game, you play as Tokoro Tennosuke. You move him by pressing left and right and press A or B to shoot the enemies that cross the top of the screen while trying to stop them from landing onto the the ground. You must be careful, as a single hit from the enemies will cause an instant loss, as well as if they destroy all the "nu" hankerchief shields. The game ends when the limit of 60 seconds finally ends.

In Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Majide!!? Shinken Shoubu, this game is unlocked by entering Captain Ishida (キャプテンいしだ) as a save file name.

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Gag Fusion of the 9 Ultimate Warriors

Thug Soda

Han soda

(漢ソーダ, Kan Sōda)



This game is a parody of the Hudson game, "Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu". It can be unlocked by entering Achō (アチョー) as a file name.

Star Boldier

Star boldier

In this parody of Hudson's famous shooting game, "Star Soldier", you play as Bobopatchnosuke. This mini-game takes place on the same playing field as the original game, but Bo-bobo characters take the place of the enemies. At the end of the game, you enter a boss battle against Serviceman, who stands on top of a spaceship.

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Bakutou Hajike Taisen



(ボボンバーマン, Bobonbāman): A classical 30-stage Bomberman with Bo-bobo as the main character. The enemies are Don Patch(s), Tokoro Tennosuke(s), Torpedo Girl(s), and boogers.

This game is unlocked by beating the story mode with Bo-bobo.

Drive Away Evil Spirits

Nu exorcist

(悪霊退散, Akuryō Taisan): In this game, you play as Tokoro Tennosuke. You must use the A and B buttons to shoot "Nu Beams" at the "Ne Demons" on screen (each button fires at one cross-hair), trying to kill as much of them as possible.

This game be unlocked by pressing top left, bottom right, right, left, left, top left, up, right, right, bottom right, down, right, bottom right, and start at the title screen.

Dengaku Flag Raising

Dengakuman flags

(田楽はた上げ, Dengaku Hataage): This is a simple game of moving flags up and down. Use the L button to move the white flag and the R button to move the red flag, and try to do what you're told. If you make a mistake, Dengakuman will scream at you with a demonic face.

This game is unlocked by beating the story mode with Dengakuman.

Ringing Hair Hunt Quiz

Pon taro quiz show

(クイズ 毛狩りでポン☆, Quiz Kegari de Pon): A 15-question quiz, with four possible answers to choose from.

This game is unlocked by obtaining the Pon Taro card.



In this game, you play as Denbo and smash pottery. Time your nun-chucks' strikes so that you press the A button when the arrow is as close to the top of the gauge as possible.

This game is unlocked by beating the story mode with Denbo.

Kibahage Duel

Kibahage duel

(キバハゲ デュエル, Kibahage De~yueru): You play a game of Ganeme with the game's cards. Once your cards have been dealt, use the first option to change some of your cards (press up to pick the cards you wanna change) up to 2 times, the second option to reveal your cards and the third one to quit.

This game is unlocked by obtaining the Kibahage card.

Death Money Slot

Death money slot

(デスマネー スロット, Desu Manē Surotto): A slot game. You gamble your current points, and depending on the slot result, you may win more points. The characters that appear on the slots give a certain amount of points when lined-up:

  • Kabeo: 5pts
  • Suzu: 10pts
  • Gunkan: 15pts
  • Lamune: 20pts
  • Kinen: 25pts
  • Purupu: 35pts
  • OVER: 50pts
  • Halekulani: -100pts

This game is unlocked by beating the story mode with Halekulani.

Nu Presentation Game


(ぬ献上ゲーム, Nu Kenjō Gēmu): In this game, you play as Lambada, who is a servant of the Nu King, Tokoro Tennosuke. Pick the Nus that fall from the sky (or use the A button to pick them up from the ground), organizing them to form three "Nu" columns, and present them to the king. You get a bonus if you form three "Nu" columns (a Nu Handkerchief). If a column has more than three "Nu", you lose.

This game is unlocked by beating the story mode with Tokoro Tennosuke.

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