List of alternate dimensionsEdit

Bo-bobo WorldEdit

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World of BabylonEdit

Main Article: World of Babylon

Majide SpaceEdit

Majide Space

(マジで空間, Majide Kūkan): An outer space-like dimension created by Bobopatchnosuke. In this dimension, saying "Majide" can inflict pain on the opponent or cause weird events to occur.

Desperado ColosseoEdit

Desperado Colosseo

(デスペラード・コロッセオ, Desuperādo Korosseo)/Calamity Canyon: A battlefield that is surrounded with cannons and swords (bear traps in the anime), where one fatal move could be the end one's life.

Death Money Board GameEdit

(デスマネー・スゴロク, Desu Manē Sugoroku), also known as Death Money Slot in the anime:

Funny Board GameEdit

Funny Board Game

ONE SONG MuseumEdit


Death RondoEdit

Death Rondo

(死の螺旋階段, Shi no Rasen Kaidan): A realm created by Giga, which consist of a giant spiral staircase, with a giant projectile-shooting pillar in the middle that Giga can summon at will. In this realm, Giga can also summon a round watermelon-shaped monster to chase the opponent, while eating anything in its path, including the staircase.

Rem Sleep WorldEdit

Rem Sleep World

(レム・スリープワールド, Remu Surīpu Wārudo):

Illusionary Blue Demon WorldEdit

(幻想青魔界, Gensō Ao Makai):

Hatenko WorldEdit

Hatenko World

A world filled with giant chains and locks. Anyone who enters this world will become cool in demeanor. In addition, if the lock with your name written on it is unlocked (either by the aid of a Key Shinken user or by picking it) your maximum potential is unlocked.