There are various towns and cities sprinkled throughout the world of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. Despite the year being 300X, many of the lower-class residential locations remain relatively modern looking, whereas the more developed areas have a more futuristic appearance and often feature advanced technology.

Residential LocationsEdit

Inafu VillageEdit

Main Article: Inafu Village

Roguru VillageEdit

(ログール村, Rogūru-mura): Roguru Village is a small village not far Inafu Village and G-Block.

Hajike VillageEdit

Main Article: Hajike Village

De Mode CityEdit

Main Article: De Mode City

Ever TownEdit

(エバータウン): Ever Town is a nearby town that the rebels go to after defeating Tokoro Tennosuke at A-Block. There, they stop at a restaurant called Familess for lunch. While there, Bo-bobo tries to look for a job in the newspaper, after taking a glimpse of Tennosuke's life and pondering his own future. This town is also the location of the Hair Hunter Entrance Exam Site, where Bo-bobo and Don Patch go to apply.

Jerry TownEdit

(ジェリータウン): Jerry Town is a small urban area who’s most notable feature is its supermarket. Tokoro Tennosuke goes to live at said supermarket sometime after his defeat at the hands of Bo-bobo and Don Patch. Later on, the rebels show up at the town to recruit Tennosuke to aid them the battle with Gunkan.

Pupuu CityEdit

Main Article: Pupuu City


Main Article: Eternal

Nagoya CityEdit

Main Article: Nagoya City

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