This is a list of characters who are exclusive to the Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo video games developed by Hudson Soft.

Major AntagonistsEdit


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Nice GuyEdit

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Minor AntagonistsEdit

Flower Demon King's Four Heavenly KingsEdit

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Fake Uncle GoldfishEdit

(偽金魚おじさん, Nise Kingyo Ojisan):

  • Attack:
    • Goldfish Technique - Goldfish (金魚奥義 ゴールドフィッシュ, Kingyo Ougi Gōrudofisshu):

Mr. Rose FairyEdit

(バラの妖精さん, Bara no Yōsei-san):




(ピエロン, Pieron):

Minor EnemiesEdit

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Other CharactersEdit

Yo☆Shabu TaroEdit

Ōi☆Shabu Tarō

(おーい☆しゃぶ太郎): A creature who has a fish head and a bird-like body. They are in charge of most of the shops and healing stands throughout Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Secret Technique 87.5 Explosive Fist of the Nosehair. After you defeat Hisae, you fight one of them at A-Block in the bathrooms. They apparently speak with a Kansai dialect.

"We are opening stores and inns, so we can both properly help out and participate. When you happen to see us on your way, talk to us."[1]

  • Attack:
  • High-Speed Mandarin Fish Missle (高速桂魚丸ミサイル, Kōsoku Katsuragyomaru Misairu):

Floral InoueEdit

Floral Inoue

(フローラル井上, Furōraru Inoue): This mysterious figure possesses the body of a human and the head of a tissue box. It seems that not only is this figure mysterious, but its skills are also full of mystery...

  • Attack:
    • (ティッシュケツフキ): 不思議な力を持つ井上の技にはどんな効果が?

7 Million ManEdit

(7億の男, 7 Oku no Otoko), a.k.a. Fake Serviceman (偽サービスマン):

"The legendary man, drawn just for the game "Hajike Festival"’s strategy guide. 8 years old!!"



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