Combat Blues (コンバット・ブルース Konbatto Burūsu) is a character from the anime and manga of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. He is known as Major Minor in the English dub of the anime. He is a member of The Former Maruhage Empire.

Combat Blues

Combat Blues


Combat Blues is a man dressed like a common military officer. His helmet casts a shadow over his eyes so that they are never revealed. He is the former E-block leader and yet another Hajikelist fool despite his otherwise serious appearance.


Combat Blues' specialty is "Trap Shinken" (トラップ真拳 Torappu Shinken; TrueFist of Traps, Dub: "Super Fist of Trapping"). This shinken allows him the use of all sorts of military-issue weaponry as well as various traps set along the water slides.


The Third Era's Return

When he is first seen, Comabat Blues is just emerging from his cryogenics tube with other Maruhage generals. Upon awakening, they are told about Bo-bobo's threat towards the current Maruhage generation, and are ordered to destroy him within an amusementpark base. Combat Blues acts as the guardian of the "Battlefield Requiem" (a water slide attraction) of the park. When the rebels finally arrive at his attraction, Combat Blues uses the water slide to trap Bo-bobo, Beauty, and Don Patch in his watery battle arena! Though he has an obvious advantage,(his subordinates, Swimsuit Girl and Swimsuit Gal can continuously heal him), the soldier keeps falling for his own traps, and Bo-bobo continually finds ways to smite him! Eventually, the battered soldier unveals "The Ultimate Weapon" to destroy the rebels,... but it turns out to be Torpedo Girl, who takes the rebels side! By the end of the fight, Combat Blues' is abandoned by his subordinates (whom were turned good offscreen by Bo-bobo), and is utterly defeated.

Attack on the Hair Kingdom

Though he chose not to participate in the new emperor playoffs, Combat Blues is later seen working alongside Tsuru Tsurulina III as the only general left loyal to the emperor, as all the others either became good guys or adapted to civilian life. Together, they invade the Hair Kingdom, but Tsurulina III does most of the work, while Combat Blues is merely reading porn while his boss gains the ultimate power of the Hair Ball!

Shinsetsu Bo-bobo

Combat Blues makes several appearances in Shinsetsu, but once again he is too busy reading adult material to really be considered a threat to anyone. He is beaten once and for all by Bo-bobo during the final raid on the Neo Maruhage Empire (even though he wasn't doing anything remotely evil).


  • Into the Jaws of Death (死地送り)/Bait the Trap: Uses an ejecting platform. It is named Into the Hell (地獄送り) in the anime.
  • Soulful Hand Grenade (魂の手榴弾)/Savage Water Balloons: Throws grenades at the enemy. Though it is supposed to explode on the enemy, these "bombs" have absolutely no effect.
  • Piranha Hell (ピラニア地獄 Piranaa Jigoku)/Big Box of Piranhas. Combat Blues pours savage man-eating piranhas (in actuality, just harmless tuna) to attack nearby enemies.
  • Killer Dam (キラーダム Kirā Damu)/Waterfall: Combat Blues summons a large waterfall tunnel to cause its victims to fall from the water slide to their assumed death.
  • High Speed Water Clone (高速水分身)/Reflections of the Water: Summons 2 clones.
  • Whirlpool Hell (渦巻き地獄)/Portal Vortex: Creates a hideous-looking whirlpool hole in the water slide to drown its victims.
  • Underwater Rockets (水中ロケット弾)/You Say To-ma-to, I Say Tor-pe-do: Shoots vicious mini-rockets.
  • 10,000 Push-ups (腕立て1万回): Combat Blues, Captain Ishida, and T-500 make the opponent do 10,000 push-ups.


  • Episode appearances: 55, 57, 75
  • Manga appearances: 131, 135-137, 162, 196.5, 187, 219, 229, Shinsetsu 46 (Hanpen's memory), 62, 69

Other Status

  • Seiyuu: Eiji Takemoto
  • Voice Actor: Michael Sorich


  • In the English language dub, Combat Blues speaks in a stereotypical drill sergeant American accent.