Former Leader

Chairman Pepepebītch

Chairman Pepepebitch

(ペペペビッチ理事長 Pepepebicchi Rijichō): Both known as the principal of Ramen High School and the original Neo-C Block Leader, he rules his school by making his students train to become Hair-men Hunters under the direct order of the Emperor. Working alongside Babuu, he helps develop more powerful Hair Hunters and leaders with the powers of the Zenmetsu-Gan pills. However, one of the first completed subjects turned out to be his replacement: True-C Block Leader Porusutoroi, who drained the chairman of body fluids with the power of his "Devil Shinken".



Main Article: Porusutoroi




(タンス): Assistant Commander of Neo C-Block, he is defeated by Gaoh's assassination technique (a physical attack that instantly breaks an opponent's bones)

  • Manga appearances: Shinsetsu 2-3

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