Neo Hair-Hunt Land MAX

Neo Hair-Hunt Land MAX


(ネオ毛狩りランドMAX; Neo Gekari Rando MAX): True to the usual Maruhage Empire style, Neo Hair-Hunt Land MAX serves as both a base and a means to collect funding. After awakening from their cryogenic sleep, The Former Maruhage Empire is sent to this large amusement park base (which was crudely dropped on top of run-down A-Block) to challenge Bo-bobo.


Running Wild Gadget

Running Wild Gadget

An arena that resembles a giant train track puzzle. The main threat in this arena is the gigantic track-following robot (Gadget-Kun) that will run down anyone in it's path. The floor is made of multiple pieces that could be picked up and moved in order to create new paths for the robot to follow. This area was guarded by Ujikin TOKIO, Chisuisui, and Star Saber.

Battlefield Requiem

Battlefield Requim

A ridiculously long water slide that sucks up anyone who gets too close to the start. It is filled with booby traps, and was guarded by Combat Blues, Swimsuit Girl, and Swimsuit Gal.

Ice Mecha Ring

Ice Mecha Ring

A large star-shaped ice ring, that also serves as a battle arena. The main method of fighting is through the use of large mechas. Any combatant who falls on the ice will sink into it and be frozen for the remainder of the battle. The Ice Ring was guarded by Jeda the Wind God, Haigaou, and Raparapa.

Merry Go Round

Merry Go-Round

An ordinary merry Go-round. Torpedo Girl dragged both Softon and Hatenko with her on this attraction, only to come across three lesser block leaders; Three Thousand Years, Yagyu, and The Model.

Life and Death Triple

Life and Death Triple

Present AreaHeaven AreaHell Area

The Life and Death Triple (死生トリプル, Shisei Toryupuru) is a collasal sized coin machine located in the back of the Neo Hair-Hunt Land MAX theme park. Unlike the other arenas, it is so large, that it is divided into three parts, each with it's own block leader. Within each of the rooms is a unique pattern on the walls. The only method of getting from one room to the other, is to either go through the walls, or to worm your way through the coin machines pipes. Anyone who is beaten will be spat out of the coin machine in the form of a random prize.

The first area of the Life and Death Triple is known as the Present Area (現世エリア, Gensei Area); This room has green buildings painted onto it's walls. It was originally guarded by Rububa the Bubbles, but after his defeat, Lambada forced his way into the Present Area (though he moved onto the Heaven Area later on).

The second area is known as the Heaven Area (天国エリア, Tengoku Area); a room with fluffy, pink clouds on a blue sky painted onto it's walls. Rem, who was also in charge of the Life and Death Triple, was first introduced in the area. The Heaven area is where two of the Former Maruhage Empire's strongest Block leaders, Rem and then Lambada, were defeated.

The third area is known as the Hell Area (地獄エリア, Jigoku Area); a room with multi-colored flames decorating the walls. I-Block leader Ishikawa Goemon was in charge of this area, and Kancho-kun was first introduced in this area as well.

Hanpen Castle

Hanpen Castle

A Battle Arena that usually isn't apart of Neo Hair-Hunt Land MAX. Instead, it was summoned by Hanpen in order to do proper battle with Bo-bobo. This arena is made of giant hanpen (fish cake) walls that divide the arena into several cells. These cells are filled to the brim with all the ingredients one would find in oden. Fighters may pick up the oden ingredients and throw them at their opponents if neccessary.


Tsurulina Coliseum

A large roman-style coliseum. This is where Tsuru Tsurulina III was located, and where his first battle with Bo-bobo took place.

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