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Playoffs Entrance


Before any participants can make it to the meeting place, they would have to go through a different number of courses, each with their own guardian. There are at least 33 known courses, but only two of them have been shown in the series.

Swift Hell-Depth Tunnel

Swift Hell-Depth Tunnel

(Freaky Leaky Underseaky Tunnel in the dub):

Death Ramen Highway

Death Ramen Highway

Course #33 of the New Emperor Playoff Meeting Base. This course features many different ramen food stands. The guardian of this course is Menma.

Main Arena

Meeting Place

The meeting area where all of the participants who made through the courses wait for the current emperor to formally begin the preliminaries by introducing the location of the actual tournament.

Guardians and Participants

Higusari Seijūrō

Higusari Seijuro

Higusari Seijuro

(火鎖清十郎, Higusari Seijūrō)/Blond Chainey: Guardian of Course #26 (Swift Hell-Depth Tunnel) in the elimination course of the "New Empire Playoff", this guardian uses the chains he's bound within to attack any intruders that enter his passage. Although Beauty, Don Patch and Ujikin TOKIO try to take him down, he is easily crushed by Halekulani's money attack when he appeared.

  • Attacks
    • Galaxy Chain (ギャラクシーチェーン Gyarakushi Chen)/Chain Gang:
    • Planetary Chain (プラネティックチェーン Puranetikku Chen)
  • Episode appearances: 71
  • Voice Actor: Jeff Nimoy




(メンマ) Menma is a woman with a pink halter top and baggy jeans; and has a hairstyle of orange hair tied into four long threads, with a ball ending each point. She is a member of the fourth generation of the Maruhage Empire.

Menma fights solely through the use of "Ramen Shinken" (Fist of Ramenラーメン真拳). Unlike most Shinken abilities, Ramen Shinken acts as more of a contest than an attack. During this contest, Menma creates a bowl of ramen, and forces her opponents to do the same (though her opponents presented things that were not even made of ramen!). The "ramen" is then put onto a round table, where it spins around, and is finally stopped in front of (at least) one of the participants. The participant must eat everything in front of him, and, to further make it difficult in their pursuit of victory, anyone who eats Menma's ramen noodles will have their innards blown up (the anime changes this to the victim temporarily turning to stone, removing them from the contest)[1]! However, there are two ways to defeat Menma's technique; the first is to get Menma to admit that someone else has made better ramen noodles than hers, or Menma must refuse to eat whatever is in front of her.

During the New Emperor Playoffs, Menma served as the guardian of Course #33 (Death Ramen Highway), one of the rooms that led to the main arena of the Emperor Playoffs competition. When Bo-bobo and Heppokomaru finally meet her, she has already defeated J with ease. Next, she challenges the two rebels (along with the Three Civilizations) to a ramen eating contest. At first, things go rather smoothly for Menma, as her opponents can't even stomach their own creations! However, during the second round of the contest, Bo-bobo uses his nose hairs to stop the revolving table so that Indus Civilization lands in front of Menma. Since Menma won't bring herself to eat a living firecracker, she is eliminated from the New Emperor Playoffs, and is never seen again in the series.

  • Attacks:
    • Flavorful Explosive Ramen-Aruaruyo/The Noodles You Chew Make You A Statue: Whoever eats any of Menma's ramen will explode. In the anime, whoever eats her ramen will turn to stone.
    • Special Multiplying Ten Ramen/10 Bowls To Stuff Down Your Pie Hole:
  • Episode appearances: 71
  • Voice Actress: Stephanie Sheh




(ねんちゃく)/ also calledNunchuck Nick(anime) or Sticky (manga)[2]: Nenchaku is a man with spiked up black hair, an "X" made from tape on his forehead, two ridiculously large shoulder blades, and a large fur collar on his coat. He has both pointed teeth and ears similar to OVER's. Nenchaku serves as the head of the Maruhage Empire's "Assassin Division" (Enforcer Unit in the English dub).

Nenchaku uses stop "STOP Shinken" (STOP真拳; "Fist of Stop"), a fighting style that uses duct tape to bind or stop an opponent. Occasionally, Nenchaku makes the tape razor sharp, so that it can kill his opponents rather than just hold them in place.

On an interesting note, Tsuru Tsurulina IV has commented that Nenchaku is even stronger than OVER and Halekulani, the two strongest of the Four Heavenly Kings! This is further proven by the fact that he was given a Gold medal to start with during the "New Emporer Playoffs", while the two kings were given silver medals.

One of the newcomers of the "New Empire Playoffs", Nenchaku attacks Bo-bobo, Don Patch, and Tokoro Tennosuke immediately as the playoffs officially start! At first, he attempts to stick them in place multiple times, but when this doesn't work, he finally melts them by sticking tape to their inards! However, the melted trio "fuse" together into several odd fusions, each one more powerful than the last. Eventually, the rebels return to their old selves, leaving them vulnerable to Nenchaku's attacks once more. Bo-bobo creates "Bo-bobo TV", an attack where Nenchaku is exposed to whatever horrible programming the rebels can think of! At the end of the attack, Bo-bobo draws power from the ratings percentage (0%) and defeats Nenchaku, giving the rebels entrance to the Playoffs, and kicking Nenchaku out.

  • Attacks:
    • Taping STOP (テーピング・STOP Tēpingu Sutoppu)/Sitting Duct Tape: Nenchaku wraps up his opponents in tape-like cocoons.
    • Drafting Stop (ドラフテイーング・ストップ Dorafutingu Sutoppu)
    • Knuckle Tape (テープナックル)/Stop Tape Knuckle:
    • STOP Net Jungle Gym (STOP・ネット・ジヤングル・ジム Sutoppu Netto Janguru Jimu)
    • Open Body Taping (オプン・ボーデイ・テーピング Opun Bōdi Tēpingu)/Stuck Up Bandages:
    • Homing STOP (ホーミング・STOP Hōmingu Sutoppu)
    • Never End Death Dinner (ネバー・エンド・デス・デイナー Nebā Endo Desu Dinā)/Never Ending Tape Krepe:
    • Stop Knuckle (STOP ナークル STOP Nākuru)
  • Episode appearances: 72
  • Manga appearances:
  • Voice Actor: Derek Stephen Prince


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