OVER's Castle (OVER城, Ōba-jō) is a location in the anime and manga of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. It is where OVER and his subordiates reside.


Over's Castle

OVER's Castle

As one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Maruhage Empire, the demonic being known only as OVER leads the most ruthless, brutal and obedient section of the empire's forces. OVER himself is a force to be reckoned with: a powerful being evil in the eye who crushes opponents either with his massive pair of scissors or through his trial combat with anyone who gets in his way. Those who encounter OVER have one of two fates befall them: they become scalped out of OVER's loyalty to Baldy-Bald the Fourth...or they die. The most horrific means of death revolves around his usage of a special "Kill Seal" that saps away the power of anyone touched by it until they become nothing but a husk of their former self. Perhaps even scarier than OVER, though, is another form he takes which is much more powerful and demonic than even the scissor-wielding warrior.

Working underneath the rule of OVER is a unique group of assassins, specializing in various means of assassination skills and team tactics. Based out of their leader's samurai castle headquarters, the assassins use various cutthroat tactics such as manipulation, deception and ninjutsu to turn the battle towards their favor. While there are several independents working for OVER, his main squad of these warriors are "The Ultimate Five Assassins", a team of unique ninja warriors who each fight in their own means, particularly to guard his castle from any intruders who may disturb him from his work.



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The Five Hidden Killers

Ultimate Five Assassins

(必殺五忍衆; Hissatsu Go-Ninshū)/The Ultimate Five Assassins, are a team of five warriors OVER has working for him and protecting his castle headquarters, like Gunkan does for Pomade Ring. But while Gunkan's team was a team of strange characters hidden away in masks and cloaks, OVER's group is a team of strange characters using various assassin and ninja maneuvers to fight their opponents.


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Infinite Kicker

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The Three Civilizations

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Other Assassins


Puckered Lips


Ochoboguchi-kun (おちょぼ口君; called Puckered Lips in the dub): A ninja with a mouth for a face, he reveals himself in Hajike Block after Rice's defeat to fight him and extend an invitation to take on his master OVER. He claims that "The walls have ears, and the ceilings have lips!" because he is first seen hanging from the ceiling. He mainly attacks through common ninja tricks, but besides his ninja abilities, he also possesses an ability to vacuum anyone inside of his mouth to send them to the location of his choice.

  • Attacks
    • Ninja Skill: Art of Barrier: Using his energy, Ochoboguchi-kun creates a barrier.
    • Ninja Skill: Art of Hiding: Unlike the Hajikelists Trio's Art of Hiding in which they hide themselves, Ochoboguchi-kun's version involves him becoming invisible but was located due to.... being heard
    • Ninja Skill: Art of Mouth Vacuum: Ochoboguchi-kun engulfs the enemy to transport them to OVER's Castle.
  • Appearances
    • Anime appearances: 30
    • Manga appearances: 196.5
  • Other Status
    • Seiyuu: Ken Narita
    • Voice Actor: Anthony Pulcini




(ガンプ Ganpu): The bodyguard/janitor of OVER's castle. He possesses wings on his back, but they are just for show. His flying ability truly comes from the antennae on his head. He is rather easily defeated from a collaborative effort of the whole Bo-bobo team (and a little Kinnikuman battle tactics). Taking advantage of his name, the dub makes him sound like Forrest Gump.

  • Appearances:
    • Anime appearances: 30
    • Manga appearances:
  • Other Status:
    • Seiyuu: Kouhei Fukuhara
    • Voice Actor: Michael Sorich

Other Inhabitants

Pig Door

Pig Door

A large pig who is halfway built into the wall of Ruby's playroom. His buttocks supposedly serves as the doorway to the next floor.

Guy Behind Pig Door

Guy Behind Pig Door

(ブタのケツのドアの中にいた人): A weird guy wearing a three-eyed mask who lives behind the Pig Door (as it would turn out, the Pig Door does not lead to the second floor). Beauty, having realized that she opened the weird door for nothing, took her frustration out on the guy, using the Palo Special technique.[1]


Ruby's Playroom


A colorful room that looks like a simple playroom for small children. However, the guard here is Ruby, and though she looks harmless, she is really a high level assassin, and will kill enemies when their guard is down.

Jungle Stage

Jungle Stage 1Jungle Stage 2

A room modeled to look like a jungle. It comes without any special traps, but one; the guard, Infinite Kicker, can change the room to an active volcano stage!

Trap Room

Obstacle Room

(トラップルーム): A large room that is full of traps, including flamethrowers, giant man-crushing pendulums, and bottomless pits! If the enemy makes it past these traps, then the room will begin to flood,... with coffee. Near the center of this room, there lies a cage trap where the victim will be tortured with... gigantic fans.

Toilet Coliseum

Toilet Coliseum

The room where the Three Civilization ninjas reside... is a giant toilet! As stupid as it may look, the toilet comes fully equip with everything that a normal toilet has (including a giant toilet seat to flatten the combatants). The greatest danger comes in the toilet water, for if one falls into the water, they will expand until they burst! According to Bo-bobo, this coliseum has won a number of 1st place awards in categories such as:

  • Real Serious Spot
  • Spot To Go On A First Date
  • Prettiest Stadium at Night
  • Stadium To See Games
  • 7th Annual Best Stadium
  • Best Jeanist Award

OVER's Room

OVER's Room

The very top of the tower. At first there is nothing special about it, it just looks like an unfurnished room (the walls are also incredibly flimsy, falling down after a few knocks from Tokoro Tennosuke's fist!). However, if pushed far enough, OVER will turn the room into Desperado Colosseo [2].


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  2. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Manga, Chapter 85

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