Pana (パナ) is a character from Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. He resides in Cyber City.




Pana is a man with long, white hair, and a wheel on his head. He spends most of his time upside-down. He is one of the six Electric Brain Warriors and the guardian of the "Sphere Prison Execution Stand", where he kills opponents within a sphere made up of roads upon which he rides on with the wheel on his head. His primary attacks include spinning rapidly (either upside down or right-side up) while using circular blades or attacking with his "Lightning Ball", a massive ball of energy which, if one is hit by it, will begin to drain one of his life force! When Bo-bobo and the others arrive, Pana underestimates Bo-bobo and the others, and tries to kill them right off the bat. However, Bo-bobo distracts him with some lesser attacks, and manages to sneak his nosehairs all across the battle arena. He then pulls them all together and does critical damage to Pana with his "Nosehair Spider Web" attack. Before losing consciousness, Pana tells the rebels that the other Electric Brain Warriors will avenge him.



  • Phoenix Spinning Dance (鳳凰転舞): Spins and runs through his enemies.
  • White Fox Spinning Dance (白狐転舞): Same as Phoenix Spinning Dance, but instead of spinning on the wheel on his head, Pana uses one of his wheel blades to spin around.
  • Killer Rings (殺輪)/Wheels of Fury: Throws Pana's wheel blades at his enemies.
  • 360 Cyclone (360度サイクロン)/360-Degree Cyclone: Supposedly his most powerful attack. Spins around throughout the stadium at high speed to sneakingly hit his enemies without warning.
  • Psycho-Ball (サイコボール)/Lightning Ball: Summons a ball of electric energy which absorbs energy from anyone who is trapped in it.
  • Rising Dragon Spin Dance (昇龍転舞)/Spinning Dance of the Soaring Dragon: The same attack as Phoenix Spinning Dance, except Pana spins on his feet.


  • Episode Appearances: 44
  • Manga Appearances: 109-110

Other Status

  • Seiyuu: Hiroshi Tsuchida
  • Voice Actor: Liam O'Brien


  • On a side note, a less obvious name pun is revealed by putting "Pana" and "Sonic" (another Electric Brain Warrior) together, it spells out the name of a certain electronic manufacturer company, "Panasonic". This is implied since both Pana and Sonic spend most of their battle being upside-down.
  • The English anime changes Pana in a few ways. He enjoys taunting his opponents more, and has a cockier personality. Also when he is defeated, he takes a nap instead of losing consciousness.