This is a list of the main recurring and minor characters of the manga and anime series Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. All names start with the original Japanese reading, followed by the title in the American versions (both manga and anime).


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King Nosehair

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Recurring characters



(つけもの, Tsukemono)/ Dilly Pickle: Pickle is a yellow slice of pickled daikon (dill-pickle slice in the English dub) with arms and legs, who idolizes Bo-bobo. When first seen, he is one of the only survivors of Inafu Village besides Beauty, and like Beauty, wanted to join Bo-bobo. However, Pickle was not given that honor, as Bo-bobo "does not like pickles". The Narrator claims he was written off the show (which for the most part is true), but Pickle makes several short cameos through out the show. However, in the manga, he was supposedly eaten by a dog after the first chapter.

During the Hair Kingdom arc of the series, it turns out Pickle was left behind so he could spy on Bo-bobo's older brother, Bibibi-bi Bi-bibi. He did so by disguising himself as Bi-bibi's daughter, Vita. But while everyone was happy for his return, Don Patch ends up killing him because he doesn't even know what Pickle is. (Note: Pickle is one of the few characters introduced before Don Patch and thus one of the few he never knew)

In the final chapter of the series, Pickle returns thinking he would join in on Bo-bobo's new journey with new girl Yuki. ...But once again, he's denied joining.

Pickle makes a small cameo in Jump Ultimate Stars, by jumping out of Bo-bobo's afro if Bo-bobo wins the fight.

In Escape! Hajike Royal, Pickle is found in a jail cell by Bo-bobo and Beauty. After Bo-bobo refuses to let him let, Pickle manages to break out by himself and follows them. After Don Patch is freed from his cell, Pickles leaves the group.

  • Episode appearances: 1, 7 (cameo), Recap Special
  • Manga appearances:1,223-224, Shinestsu: 73

Game Boy Pig


(ゲームボーイブタ)/ Piggie: The Game Boy Pig is yet another recurring character the manga/anime consistently throws in. Like the name suggests, it's a small pig that's consistently playing with a green "Gameboy" video game every time it shows up. The source of the joke comes from the first time Bo-bobo tries a fusion maneuver during his first fight with Don Patch, where it ends up having him playing against the pig due to the fusion's result. The Game Boy Pig shows up usually when we least expect it, either in a crowd or doing something connected with Bo-bobo's antics. In the anime he is named Pocket Game Pig.

The Game Boy Pig does little to nothing to actually assists Bo-bobo and his allies. The only real time it lent a hand was during the battle with Maitel.

During one special panel in the manga, it is revealed that the pig first found his Gameboy abandoned in a garbage pile.

  • Episode appearances: 1-2, 5, 8, 10, 19, 22, 27
  • Manga appearances:


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The Bears


Bears stuffed with beans (as revealed by Don Patch) that debut raiding the Hajike School and attempting to prevent Don Patch's graduation. They often appear doing the Hajike Dance. Two known members of the bears are Bear #12, who was once sick with a stuffy nose and couldn't perform the hajike dance well with the bears in ep. 4 and Bear #6, who was no longer with them, after trying to fuel them up with gasoline in ep. 27. They also help Bo-bobo fight some of the Hair Hunters from 100 yrs ago in Bo-bobo's "Angry Bear Wedding" attack. Two of the bears help Serviceman make his entrance in episode 61

  • Episode appearances: 4, 23-24, 27, 38, 44, 52, 61
  • Manga appearances:

Babylon God

(バビロン神, Babiron-shin)/Goddess Blabs-a-Lot: The god summoned by Softon whenever he uses "Babylon Shinken". The god appears to be a shiva-like statue with six arms that is constantly talking. While female in the English version of the anime, the deity is male in the original Japanese version.

  • Episode appearances:
  • Manga appearances:

Suzuki Hiroshi

Hiroshi Suzuki

(鈴木広): Suzuki is a middle aged man, with a balding hairstyle, and thick glasses that (normally) hide his eyes. He is the section division of the third division of for L-food products of the Kabushiki Company. He is married with a wife and a daughter, and he loves them both very much. Suzuki is often used as a joke character.

Suzuki was first found by Heppokomaru, While Suzuki was saddened by the fact that he couldn't fly. Suzuki only has two appearances later.

He is seen during the Z-Block arc, assisting Don Patch and Bo-bobo during the battle with Shou Mei. He visits Don Patch's fishcake stand, only to wind up as armor for Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo WT Mark II. Shou Mei mercilessly attacks him, but Suzuki remembers his family and how much he doesn't want to let them down! He then fuses with Don Patch (who up to this point has become armor) and is ready to challenge Shou Mei to a fight! But whenever he is attacked by the villain, his armor moves out of the way, so he winds up getting beaten up and proving nothing!

Suzuki is then shown again attacking Tokoro Tennosuke through the trees during their fight with Kanemaru.

  • Attacks:
    • Battle Armor of "Belief": Stardust Mos Fire (スターダスト モス ファイア)/Customer Conviction Battle Armor:
    • Battle Armor Ougi: Perfect Hajike Block (パーフェクト ハジケ ブロック)/Sacred Fist of Battle Armor: A Perfect Wiggin' Block
  • Episode appearances:
  • Manga appearances:



(カッパ, Kappa): Like the name suggests, Kappa is a mythical sea demon called a "kappa". He is a kindly creature that wishes no harm upon anyone personally. He assists Bo-bobo a few times throughout the series, but is considered a minor character.

While not a villain, this creature is another resident of Evil Blood Mansion who knows the benefits of wearing a stylish raincoat (a pun, since the word kappa in Japanese could either be the mythological water creature or "a raincoat" dependent on the context). He is a kind kappa who saved Don Patch from living umbrellas in the House of Blood Mansion.

He befriended Don Patch, but Bo-bobo kicked him off the team by the time they had reached Z-Block Base. He made short a appearance on a game show during the Z-Block Base saga but was kicked off the game show for being too excited.

He made very small appearances later on. During the Cyber City arc in the anime, he appeared as a cop when Shibito's attack backfired. He appeared in one panel at the end of the Reverse Maruhage Empire arc. During the The Hair Kingdom arc, several kappas (not necessarily Kappa himself) were fished out of Yuko's giant toilet in the center of the arena. They then forced Bo-bobo's enemies to study their homework long and hard, and whiped them repeatedly to motivate them more!

Kappa made one very small appearance during Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. He was seen in Heppokomaru's flashback, being blown away by one of Heppokomaru's farts!

According to Yoshio Sawai, he was one character who considered joining Bo-bobo's team, but never did.

Kappa happens to be a boss in the Kappa Forest stage in Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Majide Shinken!!? Shoubu.

  • Attacks:
    • Kappa Chop (カッパチョップ): Attacks the enemy with a chop. Used against Don Patch.
  • Anime appearances: 23-24, 47
  • Manga appearances:


N & N

N&N is a mishapen grey creature with a mustache. His name is a spoof of the chocolate candy M&M's.

He is first appearance is as a resident in the Hajike Block, where he saves Bo-bobo's gang from being kidnapped by dolphin trainers. He claims to be an interstellar space traveler, but his ship was a bike with a platform with wheels attached to it. He wound up crashing into the Hajike Block Base's main entrance gate. He appeared to save the gang again when they were attack by the hajikelists of Hajike Block Base until a hajikelists with another ship came in and offered a ride for the gang, while N&N tried to convince the gang not to but the team ended up on the enemy's ride.

N&N also becomes an assistant for former enemies who come to his block, taking away Rice from Neo Hair-Hunt Land MAX after he falls to Lambada and even befriending Ochoboguchi-kun after Bo-bobo defeats him.

  • Episode appearances:
  • Manga appearances:

Bububu-bu Bu-bubu

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Landmine Dandy

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Minor characters

Kanto Vegetable Association

Kanto Vegetable Association

(関東野菜連合, Kantō Yasai Rengō): A group of biker vegetables. In the manga, they were the ones to first bring Bo-bobo (who was crucified on a cross) to Inafu Village. They later appear again in the first chapter of Shinsetsu torturing Bo-bobo by making him eat bell peppers. At the end of Shinsetsu Bo-bobo, they return to infrom Bo-bobo that their member, Pepper has betray them to build the Great Pepper Empire, an empire strong enough to surpass the Maruhage Empire.

  • Manga appearances: 1, Shinsetsu 1, 73

Heppokomaru's Collar

Gasser's Collar

(首輪, Kubiwa): Heppokomaru's collar that regulates the control of his Fist of the Backwind abilities. It has eyes, a nose, and a mouth.

When Heppokomaru enters his Baby Mode for the first time, he appears next Beauty. Both he and a dog explain his background, concerning his powers. After Heppokomaru defeats Katsu, Beauty is able to quickly snap Heppokomaru's Collar back on.

During Heppokomaru's battle with Fundoshitarou, the collar tries to help him win by unloosing himself to activate his Baby Mode. Unfortunately, he costs Heppokomaru the match by pulling in the wrong direction, tightening the collar and choking him.

He is written off in Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo after Heppokomaru joined the Neo Maruhage Empire and finally mastered his abilities.

  • Episode appearances:
  • Manga appearances:



(フラワーマン, Furawaman): A green alien-like creature with a leaf haning off of the left side of his head, and a sun-like badge on his forehead. He met Gunkan after one of the ducktailed warriors many conflicts with Bo-bobo. The two became fast friends and did everything together. Unfortunatly, Flowerman was killed by his enemies from the "Flower War". Before he died, he gave Gunkan his Sun badge.

  • Anime appearances: 17
  • Manga appearances: 35

Service Girl

Service Woman

(サービスガール): A short-lived female counterpart of Serviceman. While boarding a subway the rebels meet up with Serviceman, who introduces Service Girl, due to lack of service in the sequel. While everyone immediately assumes that she is a dangerous as Serviceman, she states that she is not like that. However, she immediately flashes her underwear and Don Patch berates her for it. She then states that is was an accident.

  • Manga appearances: Shinsetsu 8




Onaraman (オナラーマン; literally Fart Man): Onaraman is a man with a head made entirely out of flatulent gas. He runs a special dojo that trains people in the art of "Onara Shinken". This is where Heppokomaru goes to fully master his own shinken. Thanks to a years worth of training alongside Onaraman, Heppokomaru was able to upgrade his shinken into "Kakusei Onara Shinken".

Onaraman (true to his name) weilds the power of "Onara Shinken" (オナラ真拳; "True Fart Fist"), like Heppokomaru. However, his abilities with Onara are extremely powerful, as he can make a volcano erupt simply by breaking wind on the ground! Given his advanced abilities, it could also be possible that he has attained Kakusei Onara Shinken (覚醒オナラ真拳; Awakened Fist of Farts) as well.

Onaraman is 58 years old.

  • Manga appearances: 35


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(ユキ): A female who looks like an older, black haired version of Beauty introduced in the final chapter of the series. Bo-bobo ends up saving her from a fragment of Hair Hunters who remain even after the Maruhage Empire has fallen and she decides to follow him for her own protection. At the very end of the series, she joins Bo-bobo as he rides off to fight against a possible invasion of the Great Pepper Empire, who plan to attack the newly free empire.

  • Manga appearances: Shinsetsu 73

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