The Reverse Maruhage Empire (裏マルハーゲ帝国, Ura Maruhage Teikoku)/Shadow Chrome Dome Empire, is a secret, evil organization of the Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo universe.


Reverse Maruhage Empire

Hydrate and the top members of the Reverse Maruhage empire, excluding Halon Oni

Deep below the surface of the Earth, below the feet of the commoners and powerful of the Maruhage Empire, there is another Maruhage Empire. A Reverse Maruhage Empire ruled in parallel to the original, controlled by evil, dominating forces who keep authority to those who live in the underground. This Maruhage Empire even has a powerful, maniacal leader similar to the domineering power of Tsuru Tsurulina III, a man known as Hydrate. This emperor used to live on the surface once, but had been banished to the deep, dark below due to his own ambitions. Ever since his banishment, Hydrate has had only one thing on his mind: revenge against the ones who sent him away and to claim his self-proclaimed birthright to be leader of the real Maruhage Empire.

As powerful as Hydrate is on his own, he isn't the only one fighting against the forces of the surface. The beings who live in the Dark World where his Reverse empire is located are notorious for the powers and techniques they possess within their grasp. The four members of the Reverse Maruhage Four Heavenly Kings (dub: The Shadow Big Four) in particular are masters of a special style of technique known as Yamiken, which may seem similar to Shinken abilities of the surface but with the advantages of greater power and the ability to upgrade using the style to a more powerful formation. Furthermore, Hydrate have two side men he brought along (or abducted in one case) with him, both of whom are masters of Fist styles even more powerful than the Yamiken of their underground peers and who's only purpose is the success of the future Maruhage emperor. Yet as the plot between the two worlds slowly comes to fruition, Hydrate and his minions do not expect the resistance they would face on his road to complete domination.



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The Reverse Maruhage Heavenly Kings

These are four of Hydrate's best men. They each have the ability to open a "dark fist", where the user magnifies his own power, in order to become more powerful. Powering up however, will result in a transformation that often doesn't even resemble the user. These Heavenly Kings are even more powerful than the original Maruhage Empire's Heavenly Kings.

Halon Oni

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The Three Sacks

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Hydrate's Right & Left Hand Men

These two are Hydrate's strongest of henchmen. One of them is the murderer of almost the entire Babylonian warriors, and the other is not only a Hair Kingdom survivor, but one of Bo-bobo's older brothers.


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Bebebe-be Be-bebe

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Reverse Maruhage Empire Block Leaders



(シャンメリ): Leader of Reverse A-Block, a disciple of Be-bebe's leghair style.

  • Manga Appearances: 188-191

Phone Poll

Phone Poll

(電柱, Denchū): Leader of Reverse B-Block, another disciple of Be-bebe...even though its a living poll.

  • Manga Appearances: 188-191



(分銅様, Fundō-sama): Leader of Reverse C-Block, this huge headed horned being is actually a living 1000-ton weight that crushes his opponents. He is defeated by Patchbobo. His hobbies include dividing trash.

  • Manga Appearances: 184-187



(ナイチンガール Naichingāru): Leader of Reverse D-Block, she supplies scalpels to assist in Byakkyō's surgery attacks. Her name is a slight pun on famed nurse Florence Nightingale. She is defeated by Patchbobo.

  • Manga Appearances: 184-187

Two Gun G

Tsugan G

(ツーガン G, Tsūgan G): Leader of Reverse E-Block, he's a one-eyed gunman working with Crimson. Fighting alongside Crimson and Chef Lin, he is defeated by Kintenbo.

  • Manga Appearances: 179-181

Chef Lin

Chef Lin

(しぇふりん): Leader of Reverse F-Block. Chef Lin is a leech who wears an apron and chef's hat. He doesn't do much and didn't seem know what was going on (he gets himself shot several times by stray bullets during a cowboy shoot-out while talking to Bobobo out in the open). He claims that he is a champion in billiard.

  • Manga Appearances: 179-181

Meat-Meat Aliens

Meat-Meat Aliens

(ニクニク星人, Nikuniku Seijin): Leaders of both Reverse G-Block and Reverse H-Block, they work alongside LOVE in the "Muscle Conveyor" chamber. Facing Don Patch as an opponent, they're almost adopted as his children, until he starts beating them up for giving him too much weight.

(note: the "niku" in their name can stand for the Japanese word for meat, but can also be put together as "nikuniku", which stands for "detestable")

  • Manga Appearances: 182-183

Other Members



(スリム Surimu): A penguin creature that is Halon's Oni's assistant, until Halon decides to turn on him. His main ability is to stretch and increase muscle mass on his arms, allowing for powerful blows. According to Halon Oni, Slim is able to do this because he raises a giant inside his body.

  • Attacks:
    • Curry Bread (カレーパン, Karē Pan)/Fat Fist
  • Episode Appearances: 74
  • Manga Appearances:
  • Seiyuu: Takahiro Fujimoto
  • Voice Actor: