Rose-Lily Kikunojo (薔薇百合菊之丞, Barayuri Kikunojō) is a character of the anime and manga of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. He is called Wild Wister in the anime dub. He is a member of The Former Maruhage Empire.

Wild Wister

Rose-Lily Kikunojo


The former leader of G-Block, Rose-Lily Kikunjo is a man wearing a white open-collar shirt with purple pants. He has an orange-yellow tinted pair of visor sunglasses over his eyes.

Kikunojo seems to think quite highly of himself, given his status as one of the most powerful former-hair hunters. He has no problem with attacking civilians, or even fellow hair hunters! He also seems to have a bad habit of underestimating his foes, even if he knows nothing about them to begin with. This proves to be his downfall when he meets a certain afro'd warrior...


Kikunojo wields the power of "Hyakka Ryōran Shinken" (百花繚乱真拳, Fist of Blooming Flowers.) The anime dub calls it Fist of One Hundred Wild Flowers, while the english manga calls it One Hundred Wild Flowers Abloom Super Fist. This ability allows Kikunojo to summon all sorts of dangerous, gigantic flowers, some of which are carnivorous for human flesh!


Kikunojo is first seen alongside an injured Nihiru, searching for Bo-bobo in Eternal. In order to draw the rebels out into the open, he starts using his powers to shave people bald! Eventually his plan works, the rebels are drawn out into the open. Kikunojo kicks off the fight by capturing Heppokomaru, Beauty, Softon, and Tokoro Tennosuke in giant roses, leaving only Bo-bobo and Don Patch left. The G-Block leader tells Bo-bobo that the roses secrete an acid that will eventually melt off the victims flesh, and that if Bo-bobo wants to save them, he will have to defeat Kikunojo in 10 minutes.

During the first part of the battle, Kikunojo is clearly winning the battle, while Bo-bobo is still trying to master his new "Super Jacket" powers. Eventually, he finally wears down the rebel, and is about to finish him, but Bo-bobo learns the secret behind his jacket at the last minute, and unleashes a flurry of powerful hajike-based attacks! During the fight, Kikunojo reveals that The Hair Kingdom's civilians were just bouncing balls of hair (he also reveals that Don Patch's ancestors were rock candy). With the time limit drawing near it's end, Bo-bobo picks up Kikunojo with his nose hair's and plants the cocky hair hunter face first into the sands of Egypt, winning the fight and freeing his friends! Kikunojo is never seen in the series again.


  • Cherry Blossom Dance Slash (桜舞斬 Sakura Maizan)/Sword of the Cherry Blossom: Summons cherry blossom petals to slice opponents and shave off hair.
  • Barracuda (薔薇喰蛇 Barakuda, literally meaning "Rose-eating Snake")/Rose Thorns: Summons massive roses that randomly attacks anyone in range. The roses can also capture the enemy inside them, where the acid they secrete dissolves the people inside within 10 minutes.
  • Lily Demons (百合魔人)/Great Genie Lily: Kikunojo grows large living lily flowers that can attack opponents and shave hair.
  • Spike Stem Fang (棘茎芽)/Thorns: Kikunojo grows large thorned vines on his hand so he can deliver a more powerful punch.
  • Spring In All Its Glory/Full Spring Bloom: Kikunojo grows a large field of tulips that can detect movement which makes opponents easier to find and attack.
  • Iron Cosmea (鉄秋桜)/Steel Magnolias: Uses steel coated flowers to crush the opponent.
  • Seed Planting/Planting Seeds: Plants seeds which summon Man-Eating Plants into someone's body.
  • Man-Eating Flowers (人喰花): Kikunojo plants seeds which grow into large, cannibalistic flowers that eat the body they're planted on.
  • Ten Thousand Wild Machine Gun (万乱毒弾)/Bacteria Bullets Barrage: Kikunojo grows giant plant stems with blue flowers that shoot 10,000 contaminated bullets.
  • Man-Eating Flower Hell (大量人喰花地獄)/Giant Man-Eating Flowers Formation: Kikunojo grows a large field of his man-eating flowers that eat any flesh they can find.


  • Episode appearances: 53-54
  • Manga apperances: 127-130

Other Status

  • Seiyuu: Susumu Chiba
  • Voice Actor: Dan Woren