Ruby (ルビー, Rubi) is a character from the manga and anime of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. She has long, blonde hair and is one of the henchmen that resides at OVER's Castle




The first of Over's Ninshū, she is a very cute little girl with long blond hair who appears to want everyone to play with her in her room instead of killing them. But while she's innocent and friendly, she actually has the ability to brainwash her opponents into playing all day (something she calls Hypnotic Brainwashing), making them oblivious to the moment she finally assassinates them! Though Don Patch easily ignores this tactic and has no mercy in taking her out, Tokoro Tennosuke in particular doesn't want to fight little girls, and takes pity on her, teaching her not to act like a spoiled brat, and she finally realizes what she's done. Admitting defeat, she lets Bo-bobo and the others move on.

During the new emperor playoffs, she makes it all the way to the finals (presumably by staying close to OVER). However, she is used as a sacrifice by the Reverse Maruhage empire.

She appears in the last chapter of Shinsetsu Bo-bobo at Tennosuke's Maruhage Empire reunion.


  • Anime appearances: 30, 70, 75-76
  • Manga appearances: 196-196.5 shinsetsu 73

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