Sonic (ソニック, Sonikku) is a character from Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. He resides in Cyber City.




Sonic is a man with orange and blue armor, and spiked up yellow hair. He is one of the Electric Brain Warriors and the guardian of the "Bungee Execution Stand" (Bungee Jump Hair Hunt Stadium in the anime dub). His method of death involves bungee matchups between several opponents and himself and his underlings Super Rabbit and Despair-Kun. However unlike eveyone else there, he has a special rocket attached to him preventing him from ever falling. As the battle goes on, Tokoro Tennosuke and Despair-Kun both get their bungee cords cut and fall. Bo-bobo activates "Bo-bobo Wonder Box" in order to prevent them from falling to their deaths (anyone who falls in the box will either gain a new form, or a new aspect on life). Sonic is defeated when Tennosuke seals him and his henchmen in a bottle.


  • Rocket Attack (ロケットアタック)/Fatal Blue Rocket Attack: Sonic gains wings and charges at the opponent.
  • Wing Cutter (羽根カッター): Sonic cuts the opponent with his wing.
  • Remote Wing Cutter (遠隔羽根カッター)/Remote Control Wing Cutter: Sonic detaches his wings and controls them, attempting to slice the opponent.
Sonic jet form

Sonic's jet form

  • Cyber-Cross Jet Form (電脳クロスジェット形態)/Cyber Cross Jet Configuration: Sonic's armor becomes a rocket that take up most of his body.
  • Cyber-Jet 100-Mile Fist of Slicing (電脳ジェット100マイル速斬拳)/Cyber Jet 100 Miles Per Hour Lightning Speed Sword: After entering rocket form, Sonic slices the opponent.


  • Episode appearances: 45
  • Manga appearances: 111-112

Other Status

  • Seiyuu: Shinji Kawada
  • Voice Actor: Jeff Nimoy


  • On sidenote, a less obivious name pun is revealed by putting "Pana" (another Electric Brain Warrior) and "Sonic" together, it spells out the name of a certain electronic manufacturer company, "Panasonic". This is implied since both Pana and Sonic spend most of their battle being upside-down.
  • Due to hanging upside-down all the time, Sonic often suffers headaches from all the blood going to his head.