Special Technique 2 "Pervert"
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Chapter Two: Special Technique 2 "Pervert

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The begining takes place in meeting in A-Block with B-Block Captain Shiro, C-Block Captain Geha the Dust, D-Block Captain Kitemasu. Discussing that G-Block was destroyed. Then the hair hunter highest division leader drew appears on a monitor. Saying that G-block was destroyed by Bobobo and then his mohter called saying it was dinner. Drew changed the subject to the Hair Hunter Winter uniforms. Then when he was called by his mother again he screamed. "Shut Up!! I Told You Im Coming!!!". His mother barged into his room saying don't talk to your mother that way. Then the monitor was turned of.

Then else where beauty is looking for Bobobo only to find 3 Bobobo dogs. she then woke up realizing it was a dream without knowing the Bobobo dog behind her. She Then Noticed a baby duck and went to see it. Then she realized it was a mans speedo. Bobobo noticed while he was playing majohng with monkey's. Bobobo comes running dressed as his alternate personality Bobobeth. Then changed back when he rescued beauty. The Pervert notices Bobobo's Duel Disk (a device used to summon holographic monsters in the anime and manga series Yu-Gi-Oh!).

The Pervert says he is Kiraiino an assassin. Who is going to kill Him for destroying G-Block, and warned Bobobo he was going to kill him. Bobobo hangs flags with his nosehairs and says he saw his flag. It turns out to be a silly cartoon. Beauty then tells bobobo not to lose the guy in the qer pants. Then Kiraiino's speedo suddenly talks. They then stop the fight and put the speedo on a log wear it smokes. The speedo asked beuaty who he was, but she didn't know. so he yelled im a cute cute little duckling. Then a duck emerged from Bobobo's head reavealing the speedos name was Takashi and said that he is a Bad Joke Material. Then Takashi asked Kiraiino to be put on. Then they stood tall and proud. Bobobo finished him swiftley with "Family of Glasses" Technique. Then Heppokamaru appears saying to himself "The nose hair fist what a rare sight". The monkey's from majohng ask Heppokomaru if he wants to play majohng.

Major EventsEdit

Heppokomaru appears


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