Thanks for Waiting! Remodeled Grand Opening!! It's Finally Come, The Patchmi Era (Japanese: お待たせ!新装開店!!遂に来たのね、パチ美の時代が♥) is a recap special episode of the Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo anime that aired between episodes 32 and 33. It was first broadcast in Japan on October 23, 2004, but was unfortunately never aired in America.

Thanks for Waiting! Remodeled Grand Opening!! It's Finally Come, The Patchmi Era
Recap Special Screenshot
First broadcast
Japan: October 23, 2004
United States: Unaired
Opening: Baka Survivor
Ending: Kirai Tune
Animation: Takashi Honda
Screenplay: Megumi Sasano
Storyboard: Hiroki Shibata
Assistant Director:
Animation Director: Masaki Abe, Mitsunori Yamaguchi


In a special recap episode to help viewers catch up with the series returning from hiatus, the cast members of the series (as well as a female fan that looks just like Bo-bobo) come together to figure out who the new main character of the series is going to be. In the midst of the arguing, Don Patch keeps seeing strange visions on his crystal ball of a horrifying new enemy they're about to take on once this discussion is, OVER. Luckily, by the time everything is straightened out, Bobopatchnosuke reverts everything back to the cliffhanger of the previous episode.

However, this is just a vague blub of the actual episode, and due to the sheer negligence and disinterest across in internet, it is very unlikely that this episode will ever an English sub, let alone any clarification apart from its Japanese/Chinese characters.


  • Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
  • Beauty
  • Don Patch
  • Heppokomaru
  • Tokoro Tennosuke
  • Softon
  • Dengakuman
  • Narrator
  • Pickle
  • OVER (Spirit Form)
  • Bobopatchnosuke
  • Torpedo Girl (Cameo)
  • Halekulani (Cameo)

Audience CameosEdit

Iboji, TUYOSHI, Underboss, Gameboy Pig, Messenger Raccoon, Bears, King Nosehair, Ochazuke Alien, Weak Man, Plain Bread, Obasan, Tomohiro, Yankee Rabbit, One-Eyed Spirit, Z-Block Citizen, Hibi, Flowerman, Suzuki, Buutan, Fundoshitarou, Orange, Hiroshi, N&Ns, Puckered Lips, and Ruby.